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Office Solutions

The Office Solutions category covers the provision of office supplies, multi-functional devices (MFDs), postal & courier services and information content management. Print services, printing papers & envelopes and digital asset management are covered under the Print category.

Our strategy focuses on:

  • Eradication of product cost differences.
  • Rationalising and standardising products and services.
  • Standard service delivery models.
  • Increasing efficiencies through the use of online catalogues via Government eMarketplace.
  • Frameworks that leverage both central government and wider public sector spend.
  • Transparency embedded in all frameworks to enable effective management of suppliers, pricing and unit costs.
  • Opening the market up to SMEs through greater use of the Dynamic Marketplace (eRFQ).


  • Recent office supplies eAuctions have achieved in excess of 25% savings through product standardisation; rationalisation and aggregating spend with other organisations.
  • A Postal services eAuction delivered savings of between 14.5% and 20%.
  • Multi-functional devices save money and reduce environmental impact - one compact device negates the need for individual faxes, scanners and copiers. The quarterly charge for a multi-functional printer has gone down by over 50% under the new framework.
  • Sustainably sourced products are available, for example remanufactured print and toner cartridges.