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Telecoms Expense Management

Contract ID: RM1014

Start Date: 09/03/2015

End Date: 31/03/2018


This contract provides Telecoms Expense Management (TEM) services for mobile telephony, fixed line telephony, data services, radio and historical billing audit.

TEM is being run as a managed service, which we will operate on behalf of our customers.

The TEM solution combines billing data from telecommunications providers with customer data (such as HR information, department structure and hierarchy), and analyses the data to produce a range of reports aimed at increasing efficiencies for the public sector.

The services are provided through a portal through which you can access a number of functions including inventory management and optimisation; usage analysis; invoice management; historical billing audit; reporting and business intelligence and identification of significant savings opportunities.


Effective utilisation of the TEM system can lead to benefits and savings in the following areas:

  • Clear commercial insight across the whole telecoms estate
  • Ability to match services and tariffs bought with actual demand
  • Benchmarking
  • Highlights rationalisation opportunities through removal of duplicate services
  • Refunds and credits for billing errors
  • Reduction of security risks by ensuring all services have a named owner
  • Management of moves, adds, changes; and greater compliance.

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If you wish to access this contract, please contact the Telecoms Expense Management team at tem[at][dot]uk or on 0345 410 2222. We will be able discuss the offering further and understand your requirements.

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The savings potential for TEM varies for each customer and the Telecoms Expense Management Industry Association advises that savings of between 5 and 15% can be achieved in a mobile phone estate. However, our proof of concept exercises have identified that customers can save, on average, 22% of their mobile budget simply by identifying and removing zero usage and duplicate devices.

These savings will be realised in a number of ways. Savings from billing errors will be either through bill credits or a refund. Cancellation of zero usage and duplicate devices will result in cashable savings delivered through reduced bills and budgets. Through greater visibility of the telecoms estate, further savings can be made by procuring the correct estate and through the negotiation of rates.

Pricing of the service is on a sliding scale with price breaks applicable to the numbers of devices currently under management across the whole service. These prices are reviewed at contractually required points and the market will be assessed to make sure that the price remains competitive.

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Our technology category currently manages circa £2.7bn spend per annum. A significant percentage of this is spent on telephony.

The public sector has historically bought telecoms in a decentralised manner, with each organisation responsible for entering into their own commercial arrangements. As a result of this organisations have diverse estates, with a multitude of suppliers, services, products, tariffs, terms and conditions and service levels. These arrangements often also lack transparency. We therefore saw the need to implement asset management tools, and Telecoms Expense Management is the first of these initiatives.

The services under TEM deliver short term cashable services, as well as highlighting sustainable price savings and delivering commercial insight and transparency. This will support future procurements and drive public sector efficiency.

We ran a series of pilots over a 3 month period in 2012. These pilots confirmed the likely benefits of TEM and as a result, the procurement of the full TEM solution was authorised. We developed subsequent “quick win” solutions, and the results of these further emphasised the need to act.

We engaged with the TEM market to develop our requirements through supplier days and requests for information. We were able to develop our requirements through market research and this engagement to create a solution that would be suitable and accessible to all.

We meet with the TEM supplier on a regular basis to review the service levels, KPIs and pricing of the contract. This ensures that the contract is quality of service remains high and best value for money is achieved.


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