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Data Access Processing & Analytics

Contract ID: RM1016

Start Date: 01/06/2012

End Date: 31/05/2016


This agreement is for the supply of data access, processing and analytics services (DAPA). It is for use by UK public sector bodies including but not limited to central government departments and their agencies, non-departmental public bodies; the NHS and local authorities.

Full details of the services covered via this framework are outlined in the detailed specification document which can be found in the documents tab below.


  • Access to Credit Reference Agency and other third party data covering individuals, vehicles and companies
  • Provision of a range of data services such as matching, trace, on-line/real time data, payment patterns, risk profiling and a range of analytical services
  • Reduced procurement timescales.

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All six suppliers on the framework are capable of providing all of the services outlined in the specification so it is recommended  that the further competition ordering procedure should be used when placing an order.

You may require suppliers to develop proposals or a solution in respect of your service requirements or need to amend or refine the terms of the call-off agreement to reflect your requirements. This can be done to the extent permitted by and in accordance with procurement law and our guidance by following the further competition ordering procedure.

You should develop a clear statement of requirements for the required services and invite proposals from all suppliers which will usually consist of suppliers submitting written proposals in response to the requirements of a statement of requirement. The further competition award criteria set out in the framework should then be applied to compliant proposals to enable you to make a decision to award a call-off agreement for your data requirements.

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This framework was established by DWP to replace the Credit Reference Agency framework. DAPA incorporates market developments and emerging requirements of DWP and HMRC to include analytical services, as well as the provision of data, and supports the joint strategy between DWP and HMRC to improve performance in fraud and error and debt recovery activities.

Other data requirements that fall outside the scope of fraud and error, but which clearly require data access, processing & analytics may also be sourced via this framework. In addition to an increase in savings made as a result of improved fraud and error and debt recovery activities, the framework will also support the government’s spending review commitments by removing duplication in commercial arrangements across government.


The PQQ and ITT stages undertaken for this procurement have been undertaken in full compliance with the EU public procurement regulations.

There was early engagement with Cabinet Office, who asked DWP to let this framework and further engagement with key stakeholders from fraud and error and debt functions within DWP, as well as organisations with an interest in DAPA.

Technical bid evaluation was undertaken by key stakeholders within DWP and HMRC.

We worked closely with key customer stakeholders including HMRC and DVLA at every stage in the procurement process to undertake quality assurance of the specification to ensure arrangements met their needs. By combining expertise and buying power we aim to achieve better deals for the whole of the public sector to enjoy. It also has support from Cabinet Office.


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Lot details

Lot Number Lot Name Lot Category Number of Suppliers Contract Expiry
All Lots Data Access Processing & Analytics Professional Services 6 - click here to view suppliers 31/05/2016

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