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Transport Related Engineering Advice and Research (TTEAR)

Contract ID: RM1030

Start Date: 14/02/2012

End Date: 13/02/2016


The T-TEAR agreement provides access to a comprehensive and wide range of transport-related technical and engineering advice and research in respect of all forms of road and rail transport.

The framework has two lots: Lot 2 for all aspects of all types of road transport (car, bus, motor cycle, cycle, pedestrian) and Lot 3 for all aspects of rail transport. Each lot has four consortia, each of which has established supply chains that provide access to known transport specialists and academia.


  • A fast route to market for the DfT, Highways Agency, Other Government Departments (OGDs) and Local Authorities (LAs).
  • Access to wide range of transport related advice and research in the road & rail sectors.
  • Access to wide range of recognised leading road & rail experts/specialists via lead suppliers supply chains.
  • Task price based on rates tendered in competition.
  • Use of industry norm conditions of contract (NEC3).

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  • Further competition across all suppliers in the lot is the default for Other Government Departments (OGDs), alternative additional arrangements are available to DfT customers.
  • All suppliers with the required capabilities and capacity for a given requirement should be given the opportunity to bid (exceptionally, sole source action may be justified).
  • Expressions of interest confirming capability, capacity and interest may be sought from lot suppliers.
  • Competition initiated by letter and written specification to each supplier.   
  • All tasks placed under the framework are governed by the NEC3 Professional Services Contract Conditions (June 2005).
  • Performance reports must be completed for each task and submitted to us. 

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  • Savings of 4 - 45% were achieved against rates of the previous DfTc & HA frameworks and T-TEAR.
  • Where rates increased those increases were less than 2%.
  • Rates fixed for 12 months and adjusted in line with the Office of National Statistics Consumer Price Index (CPI).
  • Tendered rates remain fixed for 12 months from date of award when they are aligned with the current rates payable under the Framework Contract.

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DfT was awarding multiple contracts to the same suppliers. The need to secure value for money benefits by engaging consistently with the market and establishing beneficial supplier relationships led to the development of a DfTc framework for these services. When it needed to be re-tendered DfTc worked collaboratively with the wider Department and in particular the Highways Agency (HA) to secure further benefits from its combined spend under the new T-TEAR framework

The framework arose out of a desire to manage the DfT’s technical advice and research services as a category and to collaborate across the Department to secure improved value for money. DfTc and DfT agency stakeholders were engaged, the key stakeholders being: Procurement (lead), DfT research community, DfT Rail, HA, DSA and MCA. 

Strategic management of the framework is provided by us and day to day management by DfT.

DfTc & HA orders are either allocated fairly across the 4 suppliers, or placed following further competition across all suppliers.  Allocation will not be available to OGDs.  DfT will continue to allocate tasks for DfT customers for lot 3 (Rail) and HA will continue to allocate tasks for DfT and HA for lot 2 (Road).

Supplier community meetings will be held at least 6-monthly to review use of the framework and communicate future plans.  Supplier performance will be reported to DfT quarterly in respect of each task.

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Lot details

Lot Number Lot Name Lot Category Number of Suppliers Contract Expiry
All suppliers 6 - click here to view suppliers
2 Roads Professional Services 4 - click here to view suppliers 13/02/2016
3 Rail Professional Services 4 - click here to view suppliers 13/02/2016

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Framework Manager Contact Details

Steve Boyd

0345 410 2222

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