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Spend Analysis and Recovery Services

Contract ID: RM1037

Start Date: 22/05/2013

End Date: 23/05/2017


We are currently developing the next generation Spend Analysis and Recovery Services framework and are looking for stakeholders to share their views to ensure it meets your needs. Get involved by emailing Paul Davies at paul.davies2[at][dot]uk


RM 1037 has expired and is no longer accessible.

CCS are currently working on a replacement Framework to be launched in September 2017, should you have any interest in using or discussing either the previous Framework or the replacement Framework please contact[at][dot]uk



  • Central government adherence to the Ministerial Directive: in August 2011, the Minister for Cabinet Office, Francis Maude put forward a ministerial directive for all departments and their arm’s length bodies (ALBs) to have conducted a spend recovery audit by the end of December 2013. Using this framework will help you adhere to this directive.
  • Reduced timescales: no need to run a full OJEU procurement, you simply need to identify your requirements, present these to the market and award a contract.
  • Ease of use: the framework is simple to use, with expert procurement advice available where required.
  • Easily identifiable cash savings: recover duplicate payments, overpayments and other erroneous payments resulting in savings for you.
  • Efficiency savings: identify methods to streamline procurement and contract management processes to deliver efficiency and process savings.

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Savings are quantified through our centralised benefits methodology procurement strategy, and the nature of the services under this framework mean that all spend recovered results in savings for you, as it is erroneous spend that you would not otherwise recover.

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Lot Number Lot Name Lot Category Number of Suppliers Contract Expiry
All Lots Spend Analysis and Recovery Services Professional Services 4 - click here to view suppliers 23/05/2017

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