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Financial Analysis Services

Contract ID: RM1559

Start Date: 02/04/2012

End Date: 01/04/2016


This framework will enable you to make informed assessments of the financial viability of potential suppliers for commercial relationships and monitor suppliers’ ongoing financial position.

The scope of the framework includes:

Financial reports

Obtain reports on both UK and non-UK commercial suppliers to assess any possible financial risks involved in contracting with a supplier. An online review will be provided prior to purchasing a report to aid decision making.

Financial reports are available in the following forms:

  • Brief reports
  • Detailed reports
  • International reports

All reports will provide summary information including data used, high level financial interpretation, date of report, plus details of the company that produced the report in cases where a sub-contractor is used. 

Monitoring services

Take advantage of the monitoring service which involves the constant monitoring of the financial status of a potential supplier(s) and receive regular updates based on agreed criteria.

Detailed report sharing service

This provides access to 50 detailed reports for 50 specific suppliers to allow the Cabinet Office to freely share these reports amongst Central Government Departments on an ongoing basis.

Additional requirements

Where offered by suppliers, customers will have the option to create bespoke financial reports based on their specific financial requirements, plus the option for an online central sharing service giving access to a central repository of pre-purchased reports over a set time period.


  • Central Government can share 50 free detailed reports from both of the suppliers on the framework, avoiding the need to repeatedly pay for the same reports across Departments.
  • The scope of the framework has been broadened to include a supplier “monitoring” service.
  • Availability of brief, detailed and international financial reports.
  • A central online sharing service so that once a report has been paid for it can be held in a central repository and repeatedly downloaded by any public sector organisation.
  • Bespoke reports will also be made available to the wider public sector.

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Customers can directly award to suppliers using the standard published rates however, it is advisable to run a further competition as this can potentially lead to a reduction in pricing and drive value for money.

Go to Run a Competition for information on how to run a further competition using our eSourcing suite.

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  • The reduction in duplication by using the 50 free reports and the ability to download reports from the central repository will ultimately save time, reduce waste and reduce cost.
  • The availability of more than one supplier on the framework enables further competition potentially reducing costs further below framework rates.

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The scope of the framework agreement has been broadened to address the requirement of:

  • Better decision making by customers when deciding to work with a supplier through the availability of brief, detailed and international financial reports.
  • Greater competition for customers through a multi supplier framework compared to the previous single supplier framework.
  • To enable access for customers to a supplier “monitoring” service.
  • Access to 50 free reports with an additional central online storing service to encourage sharing of existing purchased supplier financial reports to reduce the occurrence of repeated spend on same report.
  • Address the requirement by the wider public sector for access to bespoke reports.

The framework agreement is a replacement for an earlier agreement and so the services have largely remained the same, with the key difference that the latest variant is multi-supplier rather than single sourced. This opens up the opportunity to run mini-competitions, further driving value for money.  

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Lot details

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All Lots Financial Analysis Services Professional Services 2 - click here to view suppliers 01/04/2016

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