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Civil Service Learning

Contract ID: RM1568

Start Date: 21/02/2012

End Date: 20/02/2016


This agreement has been created for the benefit of the Civil Service (CS) and the wider public sector (WPS). It has been embedded by the Civil Service and is now available to all public sector organisations.  Please note, however, some of the following sections make the distinction between CS and WPS.  

Civil Service

Civil Service Learning provides a managed service for all learning and development for the Civil Service. Part of that service includes the Civil Service Learning common curriculum which is now the approval route for all generic learning across the Civil Service.

Civil Service Learning is a cross-government organisation and can facilitate swift access to other L&D services providing a compliant and commercial solution to departments and other Civil Service organisations.

This is divided into 3 areas:

Generic L&D covers face-to-face and eLearning needs which are common across the Civil Service and are applicable to most civil servants. These are based on existing Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) products including:

  • Leadership
  • Management development
  • Team development
  • 360 degree feedback tool and psychometric tests
  • Performance management
  • Coaching
  • Talent management
  • Fast Stream
  • Mentoring
  • Briefing
  • Core skills – Communications, Project management, Commercial, Finance, Influencing, Customer Service, Media handling, and Negotiating
  •  Business Administration
  • Trainer training
  • Working in the Civil Service
  • Information Management
  • First Aid
  • Basic Health and Safety

Profession L&D is that which is agreed by the relevant Head of Profession as forming part of the profession’s curriculum and may include qualifications and continuous professional development activities. The recognised Civil Service professions are:

  • Communications
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • IT
  • Internal Audit
  • Knowledge and Information Management (KIM)
  • Law
  • Medicine
  • Operational Delivery
  • Operational Research
  • Planning
  • Policy
  • Procurement
  • Programme and Project Management (PPM)
  • Property and asset management
  • Psychology
  • Science and Engineering
  • Social Research
  • Statisticians
  • Tax Professionals
  • Vets

Business specific (bespoke or department-specific) relevant to a department’s own business operations. Civil Service Learning and the bespoke eLearning service provider will jointly create, develop, deliver and maintain brand new eLearning products which are tailored to specific subject matter expert's needs.

Wider Public Sector

This framework is also available to wider public sector customers. For further details please contact 0207 035 1919 email address for applications csl.gateway[at][dot]uk


  • Greater choice of high quality, cost effective and flexible learning services.
  • Access for central government departments to an open market process through a prime provider to provide best quality/best value.
  • Local authorities and the education sector are able to access the framework through YPO, who are acting as administrators of the framework on behalf of these sectors.
  • The prime contractor will tender on your behalf to the open market.
  • The benefits of standardisation through a Common Curriculum (for all civil servants).
  • There is no need to manage further competitions. Capita will manage this process on your behalf on production of a market-ready specification based on the CSL *MSP model.
  • No increase in price is allowed in the main contract period (two years).
  • Continuous improvements to meet the changing needs of our customers. 
  • The SME sector benefits from the way this contract has been created and operates.

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Civil Service

For civil servants all generic learning must go through this framework. Where a department has signed up to the contract, civil servants can access and use the web portal:

Further guidance can be found in the CSL Gateway guidance which sets out the process for accessing the services for civil servants. It serves two main functions:

  • To align processes with the Cabinet Office (L&D) controls
  • To facilitate access to the new L&D prime contract

For further information please contact the Civil Service Learning, Gateway Helpline on 0207 035 1919, for general enquiries to discuss any of your learning needs.

Please also see the Cabinet Office spend control guidance (Annex 13.1 and 13.2 is the L&D template and guidance)

Wider Public Sector

Wider public sector customers should follow a different process. If you have any questions, you can enquire direct, by calling the Capita Service Centre on 0203 008 1708  or you can email the Capita Service Centre at GPS-L&DFrameworkenquiries[at][dot]uk  They will look at your requirements, discuss and advise the best route to market, giving you the option to utilise the framework.

YPO is the administrator of the framework for local government and education customers. You can call-off the framework through YPO. Please contact YPO on 01924 836999 or email professionalservices[at][dot]uk


Suppliers wishing to access Capita’s supplier portal should go to

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The creation of centralised delivery of L&D will realise significant cost savings for the Government.  Reducing duplication in design and procurement costs, for example, and providing a better value for money option on a range of L&D services that can be secured through this framework. 

The framework also facilitates collaborative procurement and is designed to derive best value. 

The framework gives organisations the opportunity to benefit from prices that have been obtained through the OJEU tender process. 

There are a range of measures within the contract that have been put in place to ensure value for money services are offered.

Volume discount rates have already been negotiated and will apply across the board once certain levels have been reached.

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An Accelerated/Restricted procurement route was taken to ensure no gap in provision and the framework became operational in April 2011 with a clear purpose:

To develop the capability across the Civil Service through providing quality learning and development that provides best value for money and supports delivery of excellent Public Service. 

The main aim of this framework is to enable Civil Service Learning, and ultimately the wider public sector, to achieve this goal.  A prime contractor, Capita, was engaged on a *Managed Service Provision (MSP) basis. 

The traditional way of organising training department by department has resulted in duplication of effort. Best practice, as seen in other high performing organisations, is to put more emphasis on work based learning approaches.

The Minister for the Cabinet Office and Permanent Secretaries agreed to set up Civil Service Learning in April 2011.

Through this contract a ‘Common Curriculum’ has been developed to provide a central and consistent approach to build capability across areas including leadership, management development and other core skills. 

Robust contract management approaches are already in place to ensure the framework is embedded with a key emphasis being placed on ensuring that accurate management information is obtained in a timely manner and that good quality services are secured and delivered by the MSP on a value for money basis throughout the contract period. 

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