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Locum Doctors including locum GPs

Contract ID: RM1570

Start Date: 01/07/2013

End Date: 30/06/2017


This is an NHS Improvement approved framework

This agreement covers the supply of temporary and fixed term locum doctors, across the full range of grades and specialities as well as general practitioners (GPs). Prices are provided on the basis of hourly charge rates for each grade/speciality. Pricing includes all costs so there are no hidden extras.

The framework is designed principally for the NHS, but is accessible by all central government departments and wider public sector organisations.

The services covered by the framework have been categorised into three lots:

Lot 1 – Neutral Vendor Managed Service Provision of temporary and fixed term locum doctors (including locum GPs)

2 suppliers appointed.

A Neutral Vendor is a management company who do not supply temporary staff themselves but rather act as the sourcing agent for all your temporary staffing requirements. You will be charged a transaction fee for each booking.

Lot 2 – Provision of temporary locum doctors (including locum GPs)

32 suppliers appointed.

This lot enables customers to appoint providers who supply temporary staff from their own pool of workers in the first instance, and in the situation where they cannot supply from their own resource, they can further source the requirement through their already established supply chain. Supply chain charge rates will not exceed the main providers framework rates. This lot is designed to offer flexibility for customers to manage their requirements via a range of supply options.

Lot 3 – Provision of temporary fixed term locum doctors (including locum GPs)

24 suppliers appointed.

This lot is applicable where you may have planned or unplanned longer term absences to fill. The supplier will introduce a candidate and the trust will employ the individual directly and pay an agreed introduction fee to the supplier.


  • Compliance: NHS Improvement price caps are the default pricing position.
  • Flexibility: an override mechanism allows trusts to stay "on framework" if they need to go over the price cap to get the right staff to ensure patitent safety.
  • All locum doctors meet NHS employment check standards and you are able to apply further checks locally, if required.
  • The verification standards in the agreement also provide assurance that satisfies the NHS Litigation Authority, reducing your risk.
  • “Ceiling” rates from suppliers for all grades and specialties, plus the ability to hold further competitions to improve on rates through volume linked discounts and local negotiations.
  • Revalidation of all full-time locum doctors will be carried out by the framework suppliers providing a further level of assurance on validation and licensing to NHS customers.
  • A system for continuously reviewing supplier performance regarding operational requirements, rates charged, financial stability and adherence to regulatory checks.

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You can access the agreement in two ways:

  1. by direct award
  2. by carrying out a further competition (mini-tender)

The framework has been created to provide for maximum capped prices which are expected to be leveraged on the basis of volume offered through further competitions or direct award. Details of how to access the framework and detailed user guides can be found within the documents section.

There is no restriction on the value of contracts that may be sourced through this framework.

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  • Savings are calculated on the basis of comparing prices paid under the new framework compared to baseline 2009/10 prices. The unit of price is the total charge per hour for any particular grade or specialty.
  • Competitive pricing has been ensured by removing the current escalation clause which provides for maximum capped rate’.
  • This capped rate has been set at 5% below the market average for a basket of the 20 most highly used grade/specialties.
  • The terms require suppliers to reduce pricing year on year through efficiency savings internally and offering customers innovative ways of managing eg the booking process, to stimulate efficiencies.
  • Details of actual savings achieved will be updated throughout the duration of this contract.

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The agreement was developed following extensive stakeholder engagement sessions which included input from NHS Employers, Department of Health, NHS Protect and the Recruitment and Employement Confederation (REC). Stakeholders came from a wide range of backgrounds including finance, medical staffing, HR and procurement.

Customers told us they wanted:

  • Removal of the escalation model that was present in the old framework
  • More local control of pricing
  • Fewer suppliers to manage
  • Inclusion of GPs
  • Reduction of off framework spend
  • Up to date quality and compliance checks included

The agreement covers all of these aspects across its three lot structure.

Ongoing supplier management, customer consultation and benchmarking will help to ensure efficiencies are captured and the benefits enjoyed by the whole customer base.

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Lot details

Lot Number Lot Name Lot Category Number of Suppliers Contract Expiry
All suppliers 9 - click here to view suppliers
1 Neutral Vendor Professional Services 2 - click here to view suppliers 30/06/2017
2 Temporary Locum Doctors inc GPs Professional Services 7 - click here to view suppliers 30/06/2017
3 Fixed Term Employment through employment agencies Professional Services 5 - click here to view suppliers 30/06/2017

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Framework Manager Contact Details

Framework Management Team

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