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FM Assurance (Helpdesk and CAFM) Services Framework Agreement

Contract ID: RM3720

Start Date: 25/08/2015

End Date: 24/08/2019


By implementing an independent helpdesk function and computer aided facilities management (CAFM) system, this agreement provides a way to manage your facilities management suppliers through a single point of contact. A wide range of reporting options is also provided.

For full detail of the service offering, please see Schedule 2 – Services and Key Performance Indicators.

The agreement can be used by both central government and wider public sector customers across mainland UK and Northern Ireland.


  • Competitive maximum rates fixed for the first two years of the agreement.
  • Agreed year on year efficiency savings, implemented from year two of any call-off contract.
  • Streamlining of supplier management responsibility through independent assurance of FM contractors.
  • Extensive standardised reporting options and capacity for bespoke reporting.
  • Simplified (and significantly shorter) procurement process than undertaking separate OJEU exercises.
  • This agreement complements the current FM Services agreement

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All contracts should be awarded via the call-off procedure, as outlined in the call-off agreement.

As this is a single supplier agreement, it is advisable to contact Kellogg Brown and Root Ltd directly to discuss your requirement.

You should manage the call-off procedure in accordance with your own requirements and processes, and are encouraged to use our eSourcing tool.

To do this, you must issue an RFX (request for quote) to the service provider and invite them to submit a quotation. 

The RFX should:

  • Specify a fixed time limit for submission of the quotation (the time limit should be of sufficient duration to allow proposals to be submitted, taking into account factors such as the complexity of the service, the requirement and the time needed to compile and submit a proposal).
  • Seek a proposal for fulfilling the requirement, including agreement to any special terms proposed by you.
  • Contain a copy of the order form, completed as if it were the order to be placed.

Supplier contact details:

Kellogg, Brown & Root Limited
Hill Park Court
Springfield Drive
KT22 7NL

Main contact: - Colin Kenton

Email address: Colin.Kenton[at]kbr[dot]com

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Under the terms of the agreement, the maximum rates are fixed for two years from the start of the agreement. The supplier is also required to deliver an additional year on year efficiency saving percentage as detailed in the maximum framework rates which can be found on our Sourcing tool.

To demonstrate cash savings associated with use of the agreement, rates achieved via the agreement are compared with actual rates paid by customers on the open market (i.e. open full-OJEU procurement) for the 2014/15 period.

Savings are anticipated to be in the region of 20%.

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This agreement was developed as part of the centralised Facilities Management Contracting Model (FMCM). Formerly lot 4 of the Facilities Management Services agreement, it was later decided that this service should be provided through a separate agreement.

The intention was to enable customers to aggregate management of their FM suppliers whilst at the same time providing one perspective of the FM services being received across the estate.

The agreement seeks to reduce costs by providing intuitive and bespoke reporting using intelligent software.

The framework and service specification are a result of a collaborative relationship with the Home Office, who was a key stakeholder in the development of this agreement. As a current user of an independent assurance service, the Home Office was able to support the procurement, providing detailed input into the framework terms and service specification.

A PIN notice was issued in October 2014 to inform potential providers of the imminent publication of the bidding opportunity and inviting them to express their interest. Supplier stakeholders were updated notified of the publication of the OJEU notice in June 2015.

Bidders were subject to stringent financial checks and were required to ensure the financial viability of all appointed bidders.

Evaluation of award question responses was performed by stakeholders from the Home Office and Ministry of Justice.

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Lot details

Lot Number Lot Name Lot Category Number of Suppliers Contract Expiry
All Lots FM Assurance (Helpdesk and CAFM) Services Framework Agreement Property 1 - click here to view suppliers 24/08/2019

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