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Behavioural Insights Consulting and Research

Contract ID: RM3742

Start Date: 04/02/2014

End Date: 03/02/2018



This framework is currently being re-tendered to a multi supplier framework and is due to launch in January 2018, further details can be found here.

This agreement is available for use by public sector bodies as defined in the OJEU notice. The sole appointed supplier is Behavioural Insights Team Limited.

As this is a sole supplier agreement, a further competition is not required and customers can appoint the supplier directly.

Scope of services

The service lines listed in the table below are indicative of the types of services typically arising on an assignment falling within the scope of this agreement, but are not exhaustive:


Scope of Work

Typical/Indicative Service Lines

1.1 Policy development and advice

The provision of advice and support on development of policies and strategies that draw on insights from behavioural sciences

  • Development or review of policy
  • Identification and development of new initiatives, services or programmes
  • Evaluation of existing policy and future initiatives

1.2 Service delivery and organisational reform

The provision of advice and support on how to reform the delivery of a service and/or developing organisational effectiveness drawing on insights from behavioural sciences

  • Review of service delivery and organizational design
  • Development of recommendations as to how service delivery or organisational design could be reformed
  • Evaluation of existing and future initiatives

1.3 Support in Running Randomised Controlled Trials

The provision of advice and support to develop and/or run a randomized controlled trial

  • Development of trial design
  • Trial oversight and delivery
  • Trial evaluation and write up

1.4 Capability building

Delivery of training, workshops and conferences in the application of behavioural insights

  • Delivery of workshops and master classes
  • Delivery of training programmes
  • Delivery of conferences and sessions within conferences

1.5 Research and Development

Research and development services in relation to products and services

  • Development of new products, services and initiatives



  • Access to a single supplier without the need for further competition
  • Direct award process
  • Standard contractual terms and conditions

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As this is a single supplier agreement there is no requirement to run a further competition.

Should you have a requirement which falls within scope and wish to engage with the supplier you should follow the process as per the paragraphs below which are a direct lift from the framework agreement terms and conditions:

You will need the standard Call-Off Agreement document. This is also available to download in the documents tab. Guidance notes for the population of the Call-Off Agreement are contained within the document.

Contracting Body = you

Supplier = Behavioural Insights Team Limited

2.1 Where any Contracting Body orders Services under this Framework Agreement:

2.1.1 the Contracting Body shall complete and send to the Supplier:

(a) a draft of Appendix 1 ("Contract Services") to Framework Schedule 4 ("Pro-Forma Letter of Appointment") in respect of the desired Services, including a fully developed version of section 2.1 ("Services Required") of that appendix, in accordance with the drafting notes contained in that appendix;

(b) if relevant, a statement of any other requirements for the Call-Off Agreement which do not fall within Appendix I to Framework Schedule 4, in particular including the Base Location for the services to be performed; and

(c) if relevant, a draft of Appendix 3 ("Variations and/or supplements to the Call-Off Terms") to Framework Schedule 4 ("Pro-forma Letter of Appointment");

2.1.2 the Supplier shall respond to the Contracting Body within 10 Working Days of the date on which it receives such draft, stating whether or not it is prepared to undertake the work set out in the Services Required section and, if so, will return a draft copy of Framework Schedule 4 ("Pro-Forma Letter of Appointment") including

(a) the information sent to the Supplier by the Contracting Body, in Appendix 1 to the Pro-Forma Letter of Appointment;

(b) the proposed Supplier’s Representative and Key Personnel for the Call-Off Agreement;

(c) the Supplier’s Implementation Plan (to the extent that this has not been completed by the Contracting

Body); and

(d) the Contract Charges that the Supplier proposes to apply in respect of the Call-Off Agreement, which shall be no higher than and calculated in a manner which is consistent with the Charging Structure as set out in this Framework Agreement.

2.1.3 The Supplier and the Contracting Body shall endeavour to agree a binding Call- Off Agreement in accordance with paragraph 5 of this Schedule within five (5) Working Days of the date on which the Contracting Body receives the Supplier’s response. The Call-Off Agreement shall:

(a) be based on the agreed draft version of Framework Schedule 4 ("Pro-Forma Letter of Appointment") agreed between the Parties;

(b) state the agreed charges payable for the Services; and

(c) incorporate the Call-Off Terms applicable to the Services to be provided under the Call-Off Agreement.

2.1.4 When the Parties have agreed the form of the Call-Off Agreement, the Contracting Body shall send two signed copies of the Letter of Appointment and its Appendices to the Supplier, who shall sign both copies and return one (1) copy within one (1) Working Day of receipt.

2.2 The Suppliers Obligations

2.2.1 The Supplier warrants that all tenders submitted by the Supplier are made in good faith and that the Supplier has not fixed or adjusted the amount of the offer by or in accordance with any agreement or arrangement with any other person.

2.2.2 The Supplier warrants that it has not and undertakes that it will not enter into any arrangement or agreement with any other person that he or the other person(s) shall refrain from making an offer or as to the amount of any offer to be submitted under this agreement.


Once you have a fully prepared and populated Call-Off Agreement fully signed by both parties then you are in a contractual relationship as governed by that Call-Off Agreement and ultimately the Framework Agreement itself.


The supplier has daily rates for different grades of staff. Such daily rates are the maximum which the supplier may charge. All charges and rates are fully inclusive of all travel and related expenses involving travel to, travel from and attendance at a specified “Base Location”.

There is flexibility for you to explore other charging mechanisms with the supplier – for example capped rates, fixed rates and milestone payments and an outcome/benefits structure.

Given that this document is publically available, the supplier’s rates and charges are not included for reasons of commercial confidentiality.

You may view the supplier’s pricing information, charges and rates on the eSourcing portal

If you do not have an account, please go through the registration process.

Once in the system, search for RM3742.

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The Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) is a mutual owned by Nesta, who are a registered charity, and the Cabinet Office (CO).  The BIT was established in 2010 within the CO and became an SME in 2014.  They deliver innovative ways to encourage, enable and support people to make better choices through application of behavioural economics, psychology and social anthropology.  This is a unique service which offers:  policy development & advice; service delivery & organisation reform; support in running randomised controlled trials; capability building and research & development. 

The OJEU notice was published in May 2013 with BIT the successful sole supplier.

Public sector organisations within to engage with BIT may do so directly without the need for a further competition. Please refer to the How to Access section for the process to follow. That is also contained within the downloadable guidance notes.

You have the opportunity to outline your requirement to BIT who will then come back to you with a proposal against it. The standard call-off agreement affords you the flexibility to set your own performance plans, key performance indicators, outcomes, measurable and similar. Guidance notes on this are in the call-off agreement template.

There is also an option for a post-assignment review with the supplier.


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Lot details

Lot Number Lot Name Lot Category Number of Suppliers Contract Expiry
1 Behavioural Insights Consulting and Research Professional Services 1 - click here to view suppliers 03/02/2018

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