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Campaign Solutions

Contract ID: RM3774

Start Date: 16/12/2016

End Date: 15/12/2020


Campaign Solutions is an innovative marketing and communications framework covering the services you will need for end-to-end campaigns.

It is a single lot agreement that includes a broad range of agencies with different specialisms to help you tap into the very best expertise and talent in the communications industry. The new approach is more flexible than before and allows you to work collaboratively with your agency to encourage innovative solutions to your campaign.

There are 27 agencies on the framework and we have identified different areas each agency has a specialism in. All agencies hired through this framework will be able to design, plan and execute your entire campaign.

The six specialisms covered are:

  • Strategy development
  • Creative for campaigns
  • Digital marketing and social media
  • Public relations
  • Direct marketing
  • Partnership marketing

The objective of the agreement is to provide a selection of agencies in a single lot who offer a variety of quality services, drive innovation and deliver savings. The benefits of identifying specialisms rather than splitting the framework into lots is that your requirement can cover more than one specialism in a single further competition.

If you need to appoint an agency to support specific aspects of a campaign or provide more niche or tactical communications support, please use the Communications Services framework.


  • Campaign buying can be complex and costly but this agreement can reduce the time and costs associated with the procurement by offering a facility that has already been competitively tendered
  • A new and innovative contracting solution where your requirement can cover more than one specialism in a single further competition
  • A shift from traditionally prescriptive campaign buying to a solutions focussed approach, encouraging innovative approaches for your campaign  
  • Access to a range of regional and national agencies with the best quality expertise to meet a whole range of services
  • Half the agencies are SMEs ensuring they have a real opportunity to compete for government and public sector business, in line with the government’s SME agenda
  • We have introduced a number of agencies that are new to working with government and will contribute to driving innovation in government campaigns


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Before using this agreement you should ensure that you have applied for and received internal approval.

Central government customers spending over £100,000 must also seek approval from the Professional Assurance Group. More information on the Professional Assurance Communications Control process and the request template can be found on the Government Communication Service website. Please email communications.controls[at][dot]uk if you have any queries regarding the approvals process.  

Management Charge for CG clients

Central Government clients using this framework are required to pay a management charge of 1% of the total contract value. 

The charge is a set contribution from all government communications expenditure through the frameworks that effectively funds the cross government profession, Government Communication Service. It has been in existence since 2013/14 and approved by the Civil Service Board, Ministerial Board and with the agreement of all Directors of Communications.

The 1% management charge is collected by the appointed agency on behalf of GCS and is added to the total net value of each invoice. This charge is not payable by non-central government public sector clients.

Further competition

To access the framework you will need to run a further competition. The customer guidance document will provide step-by-step guidance on this process. There is also guidance on how to run a further competition via the CCS eSourcing tool.




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Campaign Solutions has been developed using the knowledge and expertise of the CCS communications category team and Government Communication Service (GCS), in tandem with the feedback received from many industry partners, customers and departments.

The framework has been designed to facilitate collaborative working to solve problems and offer flexibility in respect of fully integrated, end-to-end campaign requirements, whilst enabling the agencies to tap into innovative solutions and offer the opportunity to build collaborative relationships. In addition, the resulting single lot agreement identifies specialisms rather than being split into lots to address feedback received during our engagement with customers and agencies.

This agreement will work in conjunction with the Communication Services agreement, which will be available shortly, and is designed to meet more niche or tactical requirements that your chosen agency may not be able to provide in-house.

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Lot details

Lot Number Lot Name Lot Category Number of Suppliers Contract Expiry
1 Campaign Solutions Communications 27 - click here to view suppliers 15/12/2020

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Framework Manager Contact Details

Bridget Santander

0345 410 2222

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