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HSCN Access Services

Contract ID: RM3825

Start Date: 24/11/2017

End Date: 23/05/2020


The Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) is a new data network for health and care organisations that provides the underlying network arrangements to help integrate and transform health and social care services by enabling them to access and share information more reliably, flexibly and efficiently.

The HSCN Access Services Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) provides a route to market for health, social care, and related customers, to procure access to the HSCN.  It can be used to procure connectivity, closely related services, and support with transition and implementation.

This agreement utilises a Dynamic Purchasing System, which is a public sector sourcing tool for services and goods (Public Contracts Regulations 2015). It is similar to an electronic framework, but new suppliers can join at any time. This is a wholly electronic way of sourcing, but suppliers and customers do not need any special IT equipment. It eliminates unnecessary activity for the supplier up front.

If you are a supplier and want to be part of our DPS, information can be found here.

Please note: document set 'Generic Aggregated Procurement RFP'  included in the Documents tab has been designed to reflect the procurement processes and practises adopted by the CCS Aggregation team.

Potential users must therefore contact CCS before using this document set to understand: the approach taken, and the necessary changes required, to tailor the documents to ensure suitability for non CCS collaborative procurements.

CCS should be contacted at:



The DPS offers a number of key benefits for both customers and suppliers:

  • A dynamic and competitive marketplace – compete your requirements for network services in a changing marketplace – resulting in improved consumer choice and improved value for money
  • HSCN Compliant connectivity services – provides access to the services you need and enables you to share information securely with other health and social care bodies
  • Supplementary services – including PSN connectivity, cloud access, ISP services, Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VRF), network access and security, Virtual Private Networks (VPN), firewalls, and intrusion prevention & detection.
  • Professional services – transition and implementation support
  • Save money compared to previous N3 services

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The DPS is operated on the Supplier Registration Service system. If you don’t already have one, you will need to register for a Buyer’s account, after which you will be able to access the DPS Marketplace and the HSCN Access Services DPS. This contains all the service filtering options for you to make your selections and download a shortlist of suppliers for your competition. Details of suppliers appointed to the DPS can also be found on the Supplier Registration Service.

The process briefly comprises:

  1. Register on SID4GOV
  2. Navigate to the DPS for HSCN Access Services and access by agreeing to the terms of use
  3. Use the filter if you require PSN-compliant services as well as HSCN-compliant services to select appropriate suppliers
  4. Export list of suppliers from SID4GOV. Note, the exported supplier list should be used within 2 working days, as new suppliers may be applying to join at any point, thus changing those eligible to compete
  5. Create a competition on the your chosen eProcurement system (our eSourcing suite is free to use for public sector customers)
  6. Invite the identified DPS suppliers and detail the specification, evaluation criteria and contract format
  7. Conduct competition and evaluate (allowing at least 10 days for supplier responses – but longer will be needed for more complex requirements)
  8. Determine intention to award to supplier/s
  9. Return to SID4GOV and request any required evidence from winning supplier/s
  10. Supplier/s share evidence through system (recommended to do so within 2 days)
  11. If satisfied with evidence, proceed to award
  12. Inform CCS of contract award via SID4GOV
  13. Where appropriate, issue Contract Award Notice/Contracts Finder notice

Once customers have drawn down their list of relevant suppliers to invite to competition from the system, it is important that they run the competition within 2 days of identifying the suppliers capable of meeting your requirements from the DPS. Customers are able to carry out the competition on the eProcurement system of their choosing.

More detailed guidance is available under the documents tab.

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Pricing for network connectivity has fallen significantly over the past ten years. It’s not unusual to see customers realise savings of 50% or more when they refresh their connectivity, even when they are increasing bandwidth.

We are expecting to see similar savings for customers for their HSCN connectivity.  We have a significant amount of pricing information from our PSN Connectivity and Network Services frameworks and we’re well placed to monitor the pricing achieved under the HSCN Access Services DPS.

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NHS Digital has developed a robust compliance regime for suppliers of HSCN Access Services, and a variety of suppliers, big and small, are seeking to become HSCN-compliant.  There is no existing commercial agreement that has all of these suppliers on board. We wanted to avoid the significant expense of customers continually having to go out to OJEU to procure these services.

The HSCN Access Services DPS has been developed so that all of the suppliers can be available in one place. The dynamic nature of the agreement allows new suppliers to join as they gain compliance.

Crown Commercial Service worked together with NHS Digital and industry to develop the HSCN Access Services DPS, ensuring that we have a marketplace that works for all.

The DPS will be managed by the Crown Commercial Service Network Services team, who have a proven track record in supporting public sector customers in procuring network connectivity and related services.

We’ll also be running a series of aggregated procurements in order to bring the buying power of the market together to drive out best value.


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Lot details

Lot Number Lot Name Lot Category Number of Suppliers Contract Expiry
1 Visit the HSCN DPS for more information Technology 1 - click here to view suppliers 23/05/2020

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