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Print and Assosiated Services

Contract ID: RM921

Start Date: 01/07/2011

End Date: 30/06/2017


RM3785 Managed print & Digital Solutions which replaces this framework is now live. All the details for this framework are available on the CCS website 

RM921, the PVP Print Contract will expire on 30th June 2017, all current RM921 PVP customers should now be preparing to transition to RM3785 - if you need further information and advice about how to do this please email printframework[at][dot]uk for guidance.

New customers should access RM3785, full details about how to do this can be found on the RM3785 framework page on this website 


  • No requirement to undertake a resource intensive procurement process or RFQ. This contract offers transactional ordering with only one supplier to manage.
  • The supplier will manage the operational delivery of Departmental print needs including supply chain sourcing and management.
  • Stability during transfer through use of existing supply chain (for strategic suppliers).
  • Delivers cashable savings through a transparent cost model.
  • Delivers consistent pricing cross Government - matrix pricing over time.
  • Intelligent MI with accurate spend, consumption and performance data.
  • Incentives to reduce demand for printed material.
  • Minimise exposure to supply chain instability and volatile commodity prices.
  • Transparency around end 2 end costs to drive improvements/efficiencies and behaviours.
  • Support demand management - print on demand/just in time/stock management.
  • Supports SMEs.
  • Provide innovation and access to market technology e.g. Digital Asset Management (DAM).
  • Standardisation and rationalisation - brand toolkits/guidelines.
  • Flexible service level agreements - tailored to Departments - not a one size fits all.
  • Aligned to Government Corporate Social Responsibility agenda.
  • Provides business continuity.
  • Flexible and scalable for current and future requirements.

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To access the contract please contact Martina Corrin by emailing printframework[at][dot]uk

If you have ongoing print requirements the supplier will undertake a detailed review of your requirements and you will need to sign an enabling agreement before your organisation can ‘go live’. You will also be allocated a customer relationship manager who will liaise with you to get you set up on the contract.

If you have ad hoc requirements there is no need to run a further competition as the supplier will obtain a quote for you.

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  • Over 4 years the contract is expected to deliver savings of £20-£25m for Central Government Departments.
  • The cost model has been designed to provide a clear and transparent mechanism to effectively manage the supply chain and deliver savings across Government.
  • New strategies will standardise specifications and processes, rationalise and aggregate Department outputs, develop best practice and drive efficiencies. For example, HMRC worked with the supplier to develop a benefits delivery plan and this has identified that a 20% saving can be achieved in an area of print spend.
  • The contract is based initially on a low management fee and performance driven payment. We expect that as the contract becomes fully operational the cost model will be changed to reflect a fully functioning performance driven payment model. In effect this means the management fee will reduce as the performance driven payment element increases.
  • Efficiency savings from improved forecasting and demand management techniques will reduce demand and identify savings opportunities.  
  • The supplier will work with Departments to develop new strategies to standardise specifications and processes, rationalise and aggregate Department outputs, develop best practice and drive efficiencies.

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The agreement was developed to create:

  • A strategic way of procuring print to transform how Central Government buys print through centralised category management, standardisation of specification and aggregation of spend to deliver significant sustainable cost reductions.
  • A compliant route to market for all Central Government Departments.

In accordance with the new Centralised Procurement model the Procurement Executive Board decided to approve HMRC’s Managed Service Provider print contract (renamed as the Print Vendor Partner Contract) as the Central Government procurement vehicle. All primary Central Government Departments were involved in strategy development.

The procurement was undertaken using the Open Procedure.

The OJEU notice was published on 19 October 2010 with an addendum published on 26 October 2010. The tender exercise, conducted using HMRC’s eSourcing Portal, opened on 19 October 2010 and closed for receipt of tenders on 18 March 2011. The tender attracted all key market players.

Following full compliance checks, tenders were evaluated in accordance with the published evaluation criteria:

Qualification Stage: following evaluation the nine top scoring suppliers were invited to tender with eight returning the ITT.

Award Stage: responses to the award stage sections of the online questionnaire were evaluated based on:

  • Management Controls – 5%
  • Technical Questionnaire: Service Provision – 60%, Innovation – 10%, Strategy – 10%, Security – 10%, Sustainability – 5%.

Structured interviews were conducted as an integral part of the technical evaluation and account for 30% of the total marks available in the technical evaluation. Each award criterion retained the same individual weighting for the structured interview as the written ITT. 

The contract was novated to Crown Commercial Service on 16 December 2011.

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Lot details

Lot Number Lot Name Lot Category Number of Suppliers Contract Expiry
1 Print Vendor Partner Contract Print 1 - click here to view suppliers 30/06/2017

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Framework Manager Contact Details

Martina Corrin

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