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Estates Professional Services

Contract ID: RM928

Start Date: 01/04/2013

End Date: 30/09/2017


This agreement provides professional advice, guidance, negotiation and assistance on property and estates issues including, but not limited to:

  • Acquisition of freehold and leasehold property
  • Disposal (includes letting or other commercial arrangements) of freehold and leasehold property
  • Rent reviews
  • Lease breaks and lease expiries
  • Lease renewals
  • Dilapidations
  • Landlord and tenant issues including landlord consents, service charges and claims
  • Rating support services
  • Strategic advice, including the preparation and development of an estate strategy
  • Procurement strategy for property related issues
  • Development consultancy and advice
  • Valuations
  • Planning
  • Building surveying services
  • General advice on estate and property management
  • General estate and property management duties
  • Rating appeals (not supplied by Valuation Office Agency)
  • Compulsory purchase
  • Daylighting/ sunlighting/ overshadowing and rights of light (not supplied by Lambert Smith Hampton & Jones Lang LaSalle)
  • Party wall awards (not supplied by Jones Lang LaSalle)
  • Way-leaves and easements (not supplied by Jones Lang LaSalle)
  • Other neighbourly matters (not supplied by Jones Lang LaSalle)


  • Provides professional property related services to central government and wider public sector enabling you to reduce your property costs, release unwanted property assets, identify savings and identify opportunities to generate income from land and buildings.
  • Delivers the expertise that the public sector needs at the right cost, as well as supporting innovation and simplifying processes.
  • A mix of large suppliers including SMEs (small and medium enterprises).
  • The agreement rates are the maximum the supplier can charge and are fixed for 2 years from the start of the agreement.
  • Further competition may reduce the framework rates depending on the length and size of contract on offer, mix of services required, location where the services are to be performed and local market conditions.
  • Suppliers are incentivised based on the level of savings achieved.
  • All suppliers offer a national service either from in-house resources or via a supply chain network.
  • Supplier’s local market knowledge can be utilised via a regional office network or local supply chain.    

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Direct ordering

You may place direct orders under this framework agreement providing you establish a clear statement of requirement for the services required and apply the direct award criteria.

Further competition

You should establish a clear statement of requirement for the services required and identify the suppliers capable of supplying the services. Refine the call-off terms to reflect your service requirements, invite tenders by conducting a further competition and apply the award criteria. Award a call-off agreement and provide unsuccessful suppliers with feedback.

Find out more information about running a further competition using our eSourcing tool.

Please see Schedule 1: Services, Schedule 4: Order Procedure, Schedule 5: Letter of Appointment and Call-Off Terms and Schedule 6: Award Criteria under the documents section.

To access the pricing documents you must log in to the eSourcing suite here.

For further guidance on viewing the rate cards please see “How to find pricing on eSourcing suite”.


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Savings are quantified through our centralised benefits methodology procurement strategy which has a clear focus on the rates paid by customers over an agreed time period.

The procurement process not only established the rates within this framework agreement but also rates customers were paying for the equivalent services from each of the suppliers in 09/10. The two sets of rates were compared which resulted in an average saving of 23% allowing for inflation. On an ongoing basis each invoiced raised under the framework will produce a saving relevant to the specifics of that order using the 09/10 baseline rates.

The framework rates are the maximum chargeable by the suppliers and are fixed for the first two years of the framework, further competition may reduce these rates.

We reserve the right to undertake a benchmarking exercise to establish if the benchmarked service(s) as a whole offer good value. If the benchmark report states that any benchmarked service is not good value then the supplier shall implement changes as set out in the benchmark report within the time limits specified.   

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The previous Estates Professional Services framework agreement (RM397) expired on 13 September 2012.

In the months leading up to the expiry date, we worked with key customers to devise the procurement strategy for the replacement framework and established that there was an ongoing requirement for these services.

The procurement followed an EU compliant Open procedure to attract a wide a cross section of suppliers as possible.

The agreement was developed to support both central government and the wider public sector to effectively manage and reduce the cost of running their estates by identifying & disposing of surplus assets, negotiating on behalf of clients in areas such as rent reviews, lease breaks & lease renewals, dilapidations, rating and other property related issues.

Framework development

We undertook a series of industry and customer days to present some initial options in terms of what the framework should look like, what services it should contain, how those services should be offered - nationally or regionally, how we reduce barriers to SME participation, how we develop the pricing schedule, timescales and the processes the procurement would follow. These were then followed by an online questionnaire which was available to anybody who wanted to express an opinion not just those who attended the two events, where participants were asked a series of questions and asked to express a preference or an opinion.

Draft versions of the documents were then issued to stakeholders and made available on-line for comment.

The key stakeholders were the Department for Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), Defence Infrastructure Organisation and along with Cabinet Office, National Measurement Office, Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) & University of North Staffs were involved with the evaluation of tenders.

Framework management

Framework management review meetings are held quarterly  and focus on the operational performance, compliance against Key Performance Indicators, revenue and savings performance, incident and problem management, forward planning, opportunities for future efficiencies and customer satisfaction surveys.

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Lot details

Lot Number Lot Name Lot Category Number of Suppliers Contract Expiry
All Lots Estates Professional Services Property 10 - click here to view suppliers 30/09/2017

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Framework Manager Contact Details

Ian Riley

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