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Vehicle Conversion and Reconditioning Services

Contract ID: RM956

Start Date: 04/09/2013

End Date: 03/09/2017


The Vehicle Conversion agreement brings together a multitude of suppliers to allow for the diversity of requirement at the best value.

The framework comprises of seven lots, which reflect base vehicle requirements and associated services:

  • Lot 1: M1 & N1 Conversions and Modifications (and specialist variants)
  • Lot 2: M2 & N2 Conversions & Bodybuild (and specialist variants)
  • Lot 3: N3 Conversions & Bodybuild
  • Lot 4: Trailers (including semi-trailers) and Conversions O1, O2, and O3 & O4
  • Lot 5: Conversion and Bodybuild of special purpose vehicles
  • Lot 6: Conversion and Bodybuild of stretcher bearing vehicles
  • Lot 7: Electrical installation - supply and fit

For turnkey solutions, it is recommended that base vehicles are acquired through the Vehicle Purchase framework and that leases are arranged through the Vehicle Lease framework:

Customers may also “free-issue” base vehicles to Converters, under the RM956 framework terms and conditions.

You can download a brochure outlining the full range of fleet agreements we offer and the procurement options available here


  • Streamlined terms and conditions;
  • Opportunity for further reduced pricing via aggregation of volume, subject to an agreed specification;
  • Stakeholder input from police, ambulance trusts, local government and central government have helped shape the framework;
  • Discount terms agreed for our Vehicle Purchase framework (RM1070) are applicable to vehicles converted under this framework, whether free issued by the customer or purchased on their behalf by the supplier;
  • Arrangements for leasing of converted vehicles can also be taken up by linking to the Vehicle Leasing framework (RM858);
  • Coverage of both new and retro fit conversions and associated services.

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Due to the complexity of vehicle conversions and their bespoke specifications, there is no standard pricing available. All requirements must be further competed amongst suppliers on the relevant lot who can meet your specification.

You are advised to review the customer guidance document and terms & conditions to determine which specific lot/s best meet your requirement. The evaluation criteria/weightings for further competitions are detailed within the guidance document.

Further competitions can be undertaken via our eSourcing tool or via another suitable system for electronic or non-electronic procurement further competitions of your choice.

Further information can be found within Schedule 4 - order form & call-off termsSchedule 5 - ordering procedure and  Schedule 6 - award criteria.

Copies of all these documents can be downloaded from the documents tab.

Upon award an enabling agreement (which can be found in Schedule 4) must be completed. A copy should be held by you and the successful supplier(s). 

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We previously offered three vehicle conversion legacy frameworks inherited from NHS PASA. These all expired during 2012/2013:

  • Accident and Emergency Ambulances (Health only)
  • Mammography Trailers  & Mobile Units (Pan Government)
  • Cars & Van (Health Only)

Following consultation with key stakeholders it was evident that the next-generation vehicle conversion framework needed to increase in scope to enable as many requirements as possible to be captured.

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Lot details

Lot Number Lot Name Lot Category Number of Suppliers Contract Expiry
All suppliers 18 - click here to view suppliers
1 M1 & N1 Conversions and Modifications (and Specialist variants) Fleet 10 - click here to view suppliers 03/09/2017
2 M2 & N2 Conversions & Bodybuild (and Specialist variants) Fleet 10 - click here to view suppliers 03/09/2017
3 N3 Conversions & Bodybuild Fleet 6 - click here to view suppliers 03/09/2017
4 Trailers (including semi-trailers) and Conversions O1 O2 and O3 & O4 Fleet 8 - click here to view suppliers 03/09/2017
5 Conversion and Bodybuild of Special Purpose Vehicles Fleet 5 - click here to view suppliers 03/09/2017
6 Conversion and Bodybuild of Stretcher Bearing Vehicles Fleet 7 - click here to view suppliers 03/09/2017
7 Electrical installation - Supply and Fit Fleet 9 - click here to view suppliers 03/09/2017

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Framework Manager Contact Details

Oliver Cain

0151 672 2299

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