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Insurance Services Framework Agreement

Contract ID: RM958

Start Date: 25/02/2013

End Date: 25/02/2016


This agreement will expire in February 2016 and work has commenced on a replacement procurement vehicle.

If you would like to find out more or help shape the next Insurance Services agreement please email insurance[at][dot]uk and a member of the team will be in touch.


Through this collaborative arrangement, developed in conjunction with Pro5, customers can procure a wide range of insurance and insurance brokerage services including, but not limited to liability, travel and personal accident, property and construction, and motor. There are also a number of support services that can be procured, for example claims handling and risk management.

It has been divided into three lots:

  • Lot 1 covers the provision of insurance and a number of support services. There are 29 suppliers on this lot.
  • Lot 2 covers the provision of insurance brokerage and a number of support services. This is a multi supplier lot with 10 suppliers.
  • Lot 3 covers the provision of insurance brokerage and a number of support services. This is a single supplier lot, and is intended for customers who require additional support and guidance in their insurance requirements. The single supplier that has been appointed to this lot is Aon UK Limited. They are able to provide all core brokerage requirements outlined in the specification.



Since its launch over £10 million of savings have been achieved for customers including:

  • £500,000 for Blackpool Council
  • £40,000 for the National Church of England Academy Trust (NCEAT) on behalf of five academies

All latest case studies about how we have helped customers can be viewed via the case study tab.

All types of brokerage and insurance covered:

No matter how small your requirement is the agreement can help you. It offers a wide range of insurance cover including liability, property, motor, construction and travel.


During the further competition process you can tailor your insurance and brokerage specifications to meet your specific requirements. You also have the ability to do a direct award to the brokers within lots 2 and 3.

Access to market expertise:

Dedicated support from CCS, Pro5 and suppliers throughout the process.

Complies with EU procurement legislation:

Provide you with the reassurance that you are accessing a fully compliant solution.

Access to a wide range of suppliers:

All suppliers (29 insurers and ten brokers) are approved by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and have been through a rigorous tender exercise. 26% of the suppliers are SMEs.

Time and resource efficiencies:

Time and resource is saved by not having to conduct a full OJEU procurement, which on average takes 120 days. When you contact suppliers you can be assured of quick turnaround times from answering your initial query to contract award.

Free events:

The partners and suppliers have developed a programme of events so that you can learn how to deal with the insurance market to get the best results. Further information on the events can be found here

Access to standard documentation:

Access comprehensive customer guidance and a suite of standard documents to assist with your quotes and claims including:

  • Market presentation – what the insurers need to quote your risk
  • Confirmed claims experience – a document that provides an authenticated (by the insurer) list of your claims
  • Claims reports – a report that details information on your claims.

Pre defined letter of appointment and contract:

Access the standard letter of appointment and call-off contracts that all suppliers have signed up further avoiding unnecessary time and costs.

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In the first instance please read the customer guidance document to understand the access models and the steps that you will need to undertake to procure via this framework agreement.

You should then complete the Non-Disclosure Agreement to access a range of information that you will require to call-off from this framework agreement, including:

  • The classes of insurance/insurance brokerage each supplier will offer
  • The additional services each supplier will offer
  • Broker pricing – please note these are maximum prices and may be lowered at further competition
  • Supplier details including FCA number and registered address number
  • Supplier contact details

This information can then be used to downsize the group of suppliers that you invite to further competition, as you will only need to invite suppliers that can meet your full requirements.

As a brief overview:

  • Lot 1 (insurance) can only be accessed via the further competition process.
  • Lot 2 (multi-supplier insurance brokerage) can be accessed via a direct award or further competition. Once your broker has been procured, they will then run a further competition on lot 1 on your behalf.
  • Lot 3 (single supplier insurance brokerage) can only be accessed via a direct award, as there is only one broker awarded onto this lot. This broker, Aon, will then run a further competition on lot 1 on your behalf.

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As there was no national framework for insurance services we were receiving numerous enquiries from customers looking for a solution.  It was agreed with Pro5 to work collaboratively to deliver an insurance services framework which would yield efficiencies for both customers and suppliers. Through this partnership we ensured that the market received the right message to deliver efficiencies on behalf of the public sector. 

As insurance was a new area, the first objective was to gain an appreciation of the insurance market and raise awareness of what we were setting out to deliver. In order to achieve this we adopted the following approach:

Early engagement

A Prior Information Notice (PIN) was issued which advertised the upcoming opportunity and invited suppliers to complete a questionnaire, which would help form our strategy.

Stakeholder group

At the start of the project a stakeholder group was established to thoroughly research requirements, which would later form an integral part of the specification development.  The stakeholder group consisted of people from NHS trusts, education, local authorities and emergency services to ensure market and category requirements were covered. .

Procurement structure and documentation

As a result of the early stakeholder and supplier engagement this enabled us to:

  • Develop the lotting strategy for the framework agreement
  • Create a set of procurement documents which reflected the specifics of the insurance market
  • Create a number of standard templates which can be used by customers accessing the framework
  • Run an e-Auction on a basket of goods for insurance brokerage, resulting in a saving of 31% from the lowest opening bid

Ongoing support

Insurance is a relatively new area for many public sector organisations, and vice versa public sector is a very new area for many suppliers. With this in mind we have developed a number of guidance packs which provide information on the procurement call-off processes. An interactive customer decision tree has been developed to guide customers through their procurement process based on their specific requirements, and a cross organisation Insurance Services team is available to support you in your procurement queries.

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Lot details

Lot Number Lot Name Lot Category Number of Suppliers Contract Expiry
All suppliers 37 - click here to view suppliers
1 Insurance Professional Services 29 - click here to view suppliers 25/02/2016
2 Multi Supplier Insurance Brokerage Professional Services 10 - click here to view suppliers 25/02/2016
3 Single Supplier Insurance Brokerage Professional Services 1 - click here to view suppliers 25/02/2016

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Framework Manager Contact Details

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