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Provision of electricity supply and ancillary services

Contract ID: RM999

Start Date: 01/10/2013

End Date: 30/09/2017


This single supplier agreement for non half hourly electricity offers a range of energy procurement services covering management, conservation and renewable services.

Under this arrangement the trading team aggregate the volume and manage the execution of trading on your behalf to deliver value for money in a complex, fast moving marketplace.

Additional services include:

  • Automated meter reading
  • Energy management services and solutions


Existing customer: need help?

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  • Savings on administration costs/cost to serve through significant aggregation.
  • A transparent, not for profit charging structure for our services.
  • Award winning experience of flexible purchasing in the public sector, with a range of risk products and entry dates.
  • The largest buyer of gas and electricity in the UK with in-house skilled market analysts and risk management specialists, and robust independent governance.
  • Regular updates on purchases and prices to support budgeting during the purchase window and beyond.
  • Access to energy from renewable sources.
  • Dedicated supplier-customer service team bypassing mainstream call centres.
  • Professional supplier and contract management.
  • Option to receive quarterly billing.
  • Further discounts to the supplier cost to serve charge as customer site numbers increase through the framework.

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To join the agreement  you will need to complete the following documents:

  • Customer Access Agreement: this clearly sets out the respective rights and responsibilities of both ourselves and you. The agreement is part of a set of documents and dovetails with conditions in both the framework agreement and supply contract, each of which are compiled as part of the OJEU procurement process.
  • Site Addition Template: this provides full details of all sites to be transferred in a standard template format, with the inclusion of supporting information such as VAT and emergency contact details forms. This will be fully explained in your customer pack which will be sent to you upon receipt of your signed customer access agreement.
  • Supply Agreement (Model Contract): this needs to be completed with each supplier who will be providing your energy services.

The energy team will send all your details to the supplier for registration of your sites on receipt of all of these completed documents. Please note that the time for transferring an account from one supplier to another is at least 25 to 30 working days. Therefore this information needs to be provided to us in full at least 30 days before the desired transfer date.

On occasion the new supplier will receive an objection from the incumbent supplier when they try to register the sites. This may occur if there is an existing contract in place, termination of the contract has not been given or if there is debt on the account. It is therefore imperative that you remember to check current contract dates and notice periods required, give notice to the current supplier if required and ensure that all invoices on the account are paid for and up to date.

Once these processes have been completed, you will receive notification of your price and confirmation of the contact details for your key contacts.

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New benefits unlocked RM 999


Following an extensive EU compliant tender process, Crown Commercial Service (CCS) has awarded their Non Half Hourly Framework RM999 to British Gas. This ensures a continuation of supply at the same time as securing new benefits for customers.

As a public sector organisation, this means you can gain access to a host of helpful and potentially cost saving benefits associated with your Non Half Hourly procurement, including:

•         Lower supplier service charges through economies of scale – as a result of the largest NHH framework agreement in the UK, (which now aggregates all central government as well as access for wider public sector, emergency service and not for profit customers) extra savings are passed on to you as British Gas are able to provide CCS customers the lowest service charges.


•         New profile based charging – based on your meter size and consumption resulting in better transparency of the standing charges for your meters and greater granularity/parity of charging methodology.


•         Greater transparency of wholesale energy markets – the CCS trade team has full access to all trading and purchasing options, allowing a sophisticated approach to trading and risk management delivering demonstrateable and sustainable value for money results.


•         Tailored invoice and billing options that suits you at no extra charge – the new CCS framework allows customer to select from a variety of invoice delivery methods paper, email or EDI, or payment periods monthly or quarterly, designed to work with you to reduce your administration costs at no additional charge.


•         Easy access to a wide range of value added and price tested services – as part of the tendering exercise a number of ancillary services have been prices tested which means that you are able to access these services directly through the framework without the need or expense for you to run a separate procurement exercise.

•         Ongoing operational delivery saving – under the new framework British Gas are able to provide heavily reduced connections and metering service charges delivering better value for all customers requiring this service.


•         Committed support to the public sector sustainability agenda – British Gas is committed to providing help and guidance to all CCS customers in order to reduce energy usage and costs via various products, initiatives and energy management services.


•         Customer focused events – under the new framework British Gas will continue to support CCS customers through target customer events, seminars, educational tutorials and useful market communications.


Got any questions?

If you would like to speak to someone about the new Framework Agreement, contact either the British Gas Customer Relationship team on 0845 070 3720 or the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) Service Energy Team on 0345 410 2222 or email ehnenergy[at][dot]uk

Visit our dedicated customer information hub to find a host of information on the Framework Agreement and British Gas – including invoice interaction, links to industry information as well as information on what ancillary services are also available to purchase.                                       

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To make access easier for all public sector organisations.

  • To support a centralised energy strategy.
  • To provide a compliant route to market with delegated expert energy trading.
  • To produce standardised terms and conditions.
  • To leverage aggregated volume to deliver value added services.
  • To expand the market availability for renewable sources.

In accordance with our energy strategy to generate an accessible arrangement for non half hourly electricity, the procurement was undertaken using the restricted procedure and included a key customer stakeholder group. Following full compliance with EU regulations, tenders were evaluated and a single supplier was chosed for the agreement.

The management fee is reviewed periodically during the life of the framework in line with the growth.

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Lot details

Lot Number Lot Name Lot Category Number of Suppliers Contract Expiry
All Lots Energy - Non-half hourly Electricity Energy 1 - click here to view suppliers 30/09/2017

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Framework Manager Contact Details

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