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Management Consultancy Framework (RM3745)

Thank you for your patience to date with regard to this Management Consultancy framework (RM3745) which has been developed in response to a comprehensive supplier and customer engagement process.

If your organisation is interested in providing consultancy advice to government and the wider public sector you are encouraged to bid for a place on this framework agreement. 


Important links

We will update the important links below at each stage of the project, adding to this page as information for customers and suppliers is released:

Contract notice in OJEU


Download tender documents

Download Tender Documents 08/02/2017


eSourcing portal

Potential suppliers must register on our eSourcing portal (if not already) and read essential information on how to become a CCS supplier.

Please note that this procurement will be evaluated in 2 phases. This means that are 2 events in the eSourcing portal. ALL suppliers must be registered on phase 1.


Potential bidders must follow all of the guidance and adhere to the timescales contained within the contract notice.

Failure to do so may result in exclusion from the process. 

Important note:

Only expressions of interest submitted via the eSourcing tool following publication of the OJEU notice will be valid.



All questions relating to the procurement must be submitted via the eSourcing portal. 


Strategy development 

We have held a number of industry organisation, supplier and customer consultation sessions to help us with the development and implementation of the most appropriate strategy.


Grade definitions

Please see proposed Grade definitions - Draft


Two phase bid response - indicative timescales

Please refer to the ITT instructions on the eSourcing portal for full instructions and timescales which must be adhered to.

Important note:

All Selection Questionnaires must be submitted by the February response date regardless of which lot you are bidding for. 

Phase Lot Name Proposed OJEU Publication Proposed Selection Questionnaire Response ALL LOTSProposed Award Questionnaire Response 


  • Business Consultancy
  • Finance 
  • Audit 


Dec 2016 Feb 2017Feb 2017 

  • HR
  • Health and Community 
  • Education
  • Infrastructure 
  • ICT and Digital 
Dec 2016 Feb 2017  April 2017 


Please note, the Time limit for requests to participate has now passed. 
Expected Award dates are as follows: 
Phase 1 - July
Phase 2 - September