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Provision of Electricity Supply, Ancillary Services and Additional Goods, Works and Services (RM3791)

We are planning to put in place a framework agreement for the supply of approximately 0.7 TWh of electricity to meet the requirements of 697 customers across 50,326 meters managed via an aggregated, flexible, risk managed approach.

The requirement covers predominantly Non-Half Hourly electricity, however, there may be a requirement for the supply of Half Hourly electricity following the recent P272 legislation. Growth in customer numbers could cause a rise in demand. Conversely, any energy demand reduction/ efficiency initiatives could reduce the figure over the life of the relationship.

Stakeholder engagement

Engagement with customers, as well as suppliers, is an integral part of developing our understanding of customer requirements. As such we have already been undertaking a range of engagement activities over the past months with customers and suppliers.

To express your interest in future stakeholder engagement events please email nhh-procurement[at][dot]uk

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