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Enterprise Software Solutions




Corporate Software Solutions (RM1042) is due to expire on October 2017 and we are developing an innovative replacement agreement, Enterprise Software Solutions (RM3821). Subject to market engagement, the new framework may replace Local Authority Software Applications (RM1059) which expires in August 2017. The new agreement will be developed with customers, suppliers and key stakeholders through our in-depth discovery process.


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Pre-market engagement

Pre-market engagement with our suppliers and customers will ensure that the new agreement meets the needs of our customers, enabling them to take advantage of the latest technology, aligned to organisational strategy, priorities, and the current and future government's technology policies.

We aim to provide the right agreement structure to meet buyers' needs and enable a flexible approach to procurement. For suppliers, we aim to foster the right market mix to deliver value for money, stimulate market growth and channel innovation. 

All of these elements combined will provide a successful, flexible and value for money solution to support our customers' technology estates and a healthy managed supply market opportunity for our suppliers.

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