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Data and Application Solutions


Corporate Software Solutions (RM1042) is due to expire in October 2018 and we are developing an innovative replacement agreement, Data and Application Solutions (RM3821). This was previously known as Enterprise Software Solutions and following market engagement has been renamed to Application Solutions. Following market engagement, the new framework will also replace Local Authority Software Applications (RM1059) which expires in August 2018. This new agreement is being developed with customers, suppliers and key stakeholders throughout our in-depth discovery process.

Important links

Prior Information Notice (PIN)

View PIN

Contract Notice

Not yet released

Tender Pack

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Customer and supplier engagement events

We have conducted workshops for customers and suppliers during May and June and we are now using the feedback to develop the new framework. Thank you to all who took part, we will share the findings from the sessions once the analysis is complete. If you have any questions please contact the team at techsolutions[at][dot]uk

Customer and Supplier Engagement Feedback

Please find the links to the customer and supplier feedback. Firstly there is a consolidated set of slides with the headline views and the spreadsheet shows the greater detail. Some of the pages are very detailed and you will need to zoom in to read all the comments.

Focus groups

We have held the first of our focus group webinars in September. Thank you to all who have registered and taken part. We will now collate the feedback and set up final updates prior to the OJEU release.

Timescales (as of July 2017)

It is anticipated that the OJEU will be published in winter 2017. More detailed timescales will be shared in due course.