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Supply Teachers

We are working with the Department for Education (DfE) to develop a new commercial agreement for the provision of supply teachers for the public education sector. 


The agreement will cover the provision of all temporary and fixed term teaching and non-teaching roles, ranging from unqualified teaching assistants, cover supervisors, and supply teachers, up to head teacher and leadership roles.

We continue to review the scope of this agreement during this consultation period, as stakeholders requested consideration that non-classroom based roles, such as admin and clerical workers and cleaners, be available through the agreement as a non-core requirement.



A Prior Information Notice (PIN) was published in March 2017 (please monitor the ‘Important Links’ section below to remain up to date on the project timescales). 

REC Presentation

CCS and DfE jointly presented at the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) education sector meeting on 1 March 2017.  This presentation included an introduction to our workforce team, an overview of the supply teachers requirement, the challenges schools are facing in this category, plus an overview of how to respond to tenders and the procurement process we will follow.



In addition we produced a questionnaire to enable stakeholders an opportunity to input into strategic approach for the procurement. The closing date for the questionnaire has now closed, however we will continue to review any completed questionnaires submitted to the Supply Teachers inbox prior to finalising the strategy as we have extended the stakeholder engagement period.



Industry Events

We held two supplier events, hosted by the industry bodies, to provide an update on the Supply Teachers procurement.  This included an overview of the responses to the stakeholder questionnaire, an update on the projected timescales, and a review of how to respond to CCS tender opportunities.

o    REC Education Sector meeting (members only) — Tuesday 13 June London.

o    APSCo Education Sector meeting (members only) — Monday 19 June London



For stakeholders that were unable to attend the industry events a Webinar was held on Wednesday 28 June. This Webinar was recorded and is available to view via the link below:


Questions and Answers

Throughout this consultation period, and especially around the industry events and webinar, we have received questions from stakeholders in relation to the procurement. Themes of the questions included stakeholder engagement, how to tender, working with SMEs, benefits of the agreement, quality assurance, commercial models and digital apps, and we have published these questions along with our responses.

Further questions/comments can be submitted to the team via the Supply Teachers inbox:




Current Indicative Timescales



Stakeholder Engagement


Finalise strategy & business case including internal & external peer review & approval process


Sourcing Function: development / finalisation of OJEU documentation (approx. 6 weeks)

January - March

Tender activity: 120 day target from OJEU release to Award, activities include:

  • OJEU Contract Notice
  • Tender return
  • Evaluation and Moderation / Consensus

March/April 2018

Framework Award

August 2018

Framework commencement

August 2018


Important links

Prior Information Notice (PIN) in OJEU

View PIN

Contract Notice in OJEU

Contract notice has not yet been published

Download tender documents

Tender documents are not yet available