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Facilities Management Marketplace

The current Crown Commercial Service framework for Facilities Management, RM1056, is due to expire in July 2019. It is expected that a new FM framework (RM3830) will be in place during 2018 and delivered in the following phases:

Phase 1 - OJEU 1 (National/Localised Bundled FM) OJEU - Jan 18, Award - May 18
Phase 2 - OJEU 2 (Defence FM and Housing Maintenance, Integrator, Security, Linen & Laundry, and Catering) OJEU - April 18, Award - August 18

The FM Marketplace Phase 1 is now out to tender as of 8th January. 

The ITT can be found in the table below.


CCS would like to issue a reminder to all participants of the FM Marketplace Phase 1 ITT that all notifications from CCS related to the tender, clarifications and bid submissions will be via the eSourcing Suite.  Please ensure that you are registered for the portal, and have requested to participate in the RM3830 procurement.

Guidance is also available on GOV.UK for using the eSourcing tool.

All technical queries about the portal should be directed to eenablement[at][dot]uk.

Consortia Interest

CCS has had a number of questions regarding joint ventures and consortia.  CCS can confirm that bids involving consortia, joint ventures and sub-contractors are welcomed. However, we can only contract with a single legal entity.  Therefore, you can:

  • Work together with other legal entities to form a consortium/JV.  If you do, you will need to choose a lead member who will submit the bid on behalf of the consortium/JV.  If you are forming a new legal entity, it will need to be in place by the framework award stage.
  • Bid with the named subcontractors to deliver parts of the requirements. 

If you are using either of these  options you will have to identify what each of the parties are contributing to the bid.

Should you need any further clarification, please respond with your question to


CCS has received a considerable amount of feedback from the market and supply chain in relation to the timing of the OJEU publication for the first phase of the FM Marketplace.

It has been our intention to publish the first OJEU for the FM Marketplace within this calendar year, on the 12th December 2017. Feedback suggests that placing the advert prior to the festive period would have a detrimental impact on the supplier market ability to participate comprehensively in the clarification process and provide CCS with the best tender responses possible. CCS had however, already allowed additional time within the tender period to compensate for supplier down-time over the festive period.

Having listened to the feedback and concerns from the market, we have therefore concluded that it would be beneficial to delay publication of the phase 1 competition from 12th December, to 3rd January 2018. This delay of around 2 weeks will have a limited impact on the tender timescales, therefore CCS feel the benefit of waiting until supply chain partners are fully resourced after the festive break warrants a limited delay in publication. The revised tender submission date for supplier returns will now be 2nd March 2018.

CCS will endeavour to make various pieces of documentation available via this webpage as and when drafts are sufficiently complete, however we would like to stress that only documents issued in January with the publication of the OJEU advert, should be used to formulate tender responses and all previous drafts should be discarded.

Any further feedback on this or any other aspect of this procurement should be directed to the project mailbox nextgenfm[at][dot]uk.

Prior Information Notice (PIN) in OJEU

View Pin

Contract Notice in OJEU

View Contract Notice

Download tender documents

View Tender Documents here (Updated 13.02.2018)

View Terms and Conditions: (Updated 13.02.2018)

Call-Off Schedule 1 Transparency Reports Final v1.0

Call-Off Schedule 2 - Staff Transfer Final V2

Call-Off Schedule 3 - Continuous Improvement Final V2

Call-Off Schedule 4 - Facilities Management Final V2

Call-Off Schedule 4A - Billable Works and Projects Final v1.0

Call-Off Schedule 5 - Call-Off Pricing Final V6

Call-Off Schedule 6 - TUPE Surcharge Final V3

Call-Off Schedule 7 - Key Staff Final v1.0

Call-Off Schedule 8 - Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Final v2.0

Call-Off Schedule 9 - Security Final V2

Call-Off Schedule 10 - Exit Management Final V2.0

Call-Off Schedule 11 Processing Data Final V2.0

Call-Off Schedule 12 (O) - ICT Services Terms Final v1.0

Call-Off Schedule 13 (O) - Mobilisation Plan and Testing Final V2.0

Call-Off Schedule 14 (O) - KPIs Final V2.0

Call-Off Schedule 15 (O) - Contract Management Final V2.0

Call-Off Schedule 16 (O) - Benchmarking Final V2.0

Call-Off Schedule 17 (O) - MoD Terms Final v2.0

Call-Off Schedule 18 (O) - Concession Agreement Final v3.0

Call-Off Schedule 19 (O) - Collateral Warranty Agreements Final v1.0

Call-Off Schedule 20 (O) - Clustering Final v1.0

Call-Off Schedule 21 (O) - Performance Bond Final v3

Call-Off Schedule 22 (O) - Call Off Tender Final v2.0

Call-Off Schedule 23 (O) Redundancy Surcharge Final V2.0

Core Terms Final v3.00

FM Marketplace Change Log 13.02.2018

Framework Award Form - Final V2.0 

Framework Schedule 1 Specification V4.1

Framework Schedule 2 - Framework Tender Final v1.0

Framework Schedule 3 - Framework Prices Final v3.0

Framework Schedule 4 - Framework Management Final v1.0

Framework Schedule 5 - Management Charges and Information Final v2.0

Framework Schedule 6 - Order Form Template and Call-Off Schedules Final v 4.0

Framework Schedule 7 - Call-Off Procedure and Award Criteria Final v2.0

Framework Schedule 8 (Self Audit Certificate) Final v2.0

Framework Schedule 9 (O) - Cyber Essentials Scheme Final v2.0

Joint Schedule 1 - Definitions Final V.3.0

Joint Schedule 2 - Variation Form Final V.1.0

Joint Schedule 3 - Insurance Requirements Final V1.0

Joint Schedule 4 - Commercially Sensitive Information Final V.1.0

Joint Schedule 5 - Corporate Social Responsibility FINAL v3

Joint Schedule 6 - Key Subcontractors FINAL v2.0

Joint Schedule 7 - Financial Distress FINAL v2.0

Joint Schedule 8 (O) - Guarantee FINAL V1.0

Joint Schedule 10 - Rectification Plan FINAL V1.0

Joint Schedule 11 - Processing Data FINAL V0.1

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