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Fuel Cards and Associated Services

We are developing a new framework for the provision of fuel cards and associated services.


Multi source framework agreement for the supply and maintenance of a Fuel Card (or equivalent) solution and any associated services across all public sector organisations. The solution will cover but not be limited to a card based solution for the purchase of fuel and other vehicle associated services such as screen wash, car wash, oil etc. The solution will provide an online management information system to enable public sector organisations to manage their vehicle fleets more effectively.

Market engagement

A Prior Information Notice (PIN) has recently been published (please monitor the ‘Important Links’ section below to remain up to date on the project timescales). 

If you are interested in this project please follow the instructions in the PIN below and register your interest by emailing supplier[at][dot]uk

Customer engagement

We have begun consultations with a number of public sector organisations who are users of the current framework to help bring experience and knowledge to shape the new solution.

The aim of the consultations is to identify where we can learn from past experiences to improve upon current arrangements and maximise commercial benefits through a robust specification of requirements with the ability to keep up with new, innovative products and solutions.

Customer engagement will continue to take place and we would value any feedback you have to help us deliver an outstanding solution.

Important links

We will update the important links below, at each stage of the project, adding to this page as information for buyers and suppliers is released.

Prior Information Notice (PIN) in OJEU

View PIN

Contract Notice in OJEU

View Contract Notice

Download tender documents

View Tender Documents  Updated 05.01.2018




Pre-market engagement

August 2017 - September 2017

Drafting of procurement documentation

September 2017 - October 2017

Publication of OJEU notice

November / December 2017

Framework Award

February / March 2018

*Please note these are indicative timescales and may be subject to change