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Courier Services

Working in collaboration with our partner YPO, we are combining the requirements of the recently expired National Courier Services (RM1006), Dedicated Courier Services (RM963) and Seasonal Courier Services (RM1008) framework agreements into 2 new frameworks agreements: 

  • Courier Services (awarded February 2017)
  • Specialist Courier Services (in development)

Our aim is to provide customers with a market leading commercial solution for all their total courier requirements to improve value, benefits and savings for the public sector.

This approach has been developed following customer stakeholder engagement and initial engagement of the market.


We will update the important links below at each stage of the project, adding to this page as information for buyers and suppliers is released.

Important links

Prior Information Notice (PIN) 

View PIN for Specialist Courier Services

View PIN for General Courier Services

Contract Notice (CN) in OJEU

View OJEU For Courier Services (RM3798)

The OJEU for Specialist Courier Services (RM3799) has not yet been published.

Download tender documents

The Courier Services (RM3798) tender has closed.

Tender documents for Specialist Courier Services (RM3799) not yet available.


Proposed lot structure for Specialist Courier Services:

Lot 1:  Class 6.2 Infectious Substances (Category A and Category B), non-infectious substances, biological substances, blood and tissue.

Lot 2:   Controlled Drugs and Pharmaceuticals

Lot 3:  Secure Cash and Valuables in Transit, Collection, Delivery and Processing Service. 

Lot 4:   Explosive Substances (Class 1) and Firearms

Lot 5:  The Haulage, Storage and Disposal of Seized Goods 

Lot 6:   The Haulage, Storage and Disposal of Vehicles.

Lot 7:   Radioactive Materials (Class 7) 



As part of the pre market engagement process and our recent industry session held on the 21/02/2017 & 22/02/2017 we have published our Draft Framework Agreement and Call Off Contract below :


These are the draft Terms and Conditions for this Framework Agreement. 

The Framework Agreement consists of the Agreement between Suppliers and CCS and the Call Off Contract, which is between Suppliers and Customers using the Framework. 

CCS welcomes comments from suppliers and customers on these draft terms on the understanding that we cannot amend Terms and Conditions for individual suppliers and/or customers.  They must be fit for a wide cross-section of suppliers and customers and also wider government policy requirements, i.e. we will consider all comments we receive but may not be able to accommodate individual points of view.

Please email courierservices[at][dot]uk with any comments you may have.




Potential bidders are reminded that this information has been published on this public page and is therefore accessible to all.

Potential bidders are reminded that this Framework Agreement is being developed for use by multiple public sector organisations and the suite of services will be provided by multiple Supplier, therefore whilst all feedback is welcome, CCS may not be in a position to act on all comments / requests received. 

Potential bidders are reminded that the attached may be edited and that it is the responsibility of the potential bidder organisation to ensure that they access the most recent version of the documents if the procurement moves forward to the OJEU Contract Notice. 

Potential bidders are reminded that due to the draft nature of these scenarios the final procurement documents may follow a different route, i.e. the scenarios may not be used. It is the responsibility of the bidding organisation to ensure that they access the most recent versions of the tender documents if the procurement moves to a OJEU Contract Notice.