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Digital Future

Understanding cloud, digital, cyber, hosting and quality assurance services

The Digital Future's team here at CCS, help public sector buyers with their commercial needs for procuring cloud, digital, cyber and transformational enabling requirements.


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Services we can offer

Cyber Security

For all of your risk assessments, risk management, urgent incident response’s. Also penetration testing, tailored assessments & audits.

These types of services should be secure and so we have teamed up with the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) to ensure this services are approved by them. 

Find Cyber Security Services


Cloud services

Off the shelf cloud, pay what you use services such as:

 - Cloud services - CRM, finance, accounting

 - Cloud support - to set up, test and train

 - Cloud hosting - storing data in the cloud. 

Find G-Cloud Services


Quality assurance and testing

Quality assurance testing, functionality and load and performance testing.

Ideal when you have brought a cloud service or built a digital service. These are independent services to test them.

After all, we shouldn't be marking our own work!

Find Quality Assurance and Testing for IT Systems


Co-located Hosting services

Data centre colocation services to Central Government and other Public Sector.

Make immediate savings and in some cases this will be a stepping stone to Cloud Hosting.

We want to ensure that the small council and the largest department would be paying the same low rate.

Find Crown Hosting Services


Digital Services

For each stage of design and building bespoke digital services. 


From finding user research labs, needing participants to support user research, finding individual specialists for those smaller build requirements, and for all size project outcomes.

Find Digital Services





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Please feel free to feed into our user research by completing our survey.


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How will we get your feedback?

There will be a range of other feedback opportunities to share your thoughts, ideas or comments.

We will work out loud, inclusively and transparently and update this webpage regularly as we go.



Our standard documents


We are building a suite of documents relating to all of our agreements.


Some of the standard documents can be found here.


If there is something you need, but can’t find, please get in touch.


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