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National Fuels Framework (RM3801)

This procurement is for the supply of a range of fuels and associated products and services to central government and other public sector organisations.   

The current agreement, which covers heating oil, automotive fuel, marine fuel and aviation fuel, expires in August 2017 and we are now starting the procurement process to set up a replacement.  

The scope of the new agreement, which will last for four years, will be extended to cover other fuel types such as LPG, solid fuel, and biomass and will also include lubricants and greases. Additionally, we are making provision for services such as tank replacement and maintenance, fuel testing and other products and services associated with the use of fuel.


Stakeholder engagement

Engagement with customers, as well as suppliers has been undertaken as part of the development of our procurement strategy.


Useful links 

We will update the important links below at each stage of the project, adding to this page as information is released.


Prior Information Notice (PIN) in OJEU

View PIN

Contract Notice in OJEU

View OJEU Notice

Download tender documents

Tender documents no longer available


The publication of the OJEU contract notice was on 7th April 2017 with award anticipated for July 2017. However, this timescale may be subject to change as the procurement progresses.

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