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DUNS number
Woodcote Grove
Ashley Road
01372 756134

Reference: RM1502

Contact Name: Sukhy Duggal
Contact Email:

Lot Number Lot Name
1 Multi Specialism Programme Delivery
2.1 Policy Development and Advice
4.4 Economic Analysis

Reference: RM830
Environmental and Sustainability Advice Support and Delivery Services

Contact Name: Elizabeth Walker
Contact Email:

Lot Number Lot Name
2 Policy/Technical Advice - Biodiversity
4 Policy/Technical Advice - Landscapes and Seascapes
5 Policy/Technical Advice - Noise and Statutory Nuisances
7 Policy/Technical Advice - Water
11 Support/Delivery - Landscapes and Seascapes
14 Support/Delivery - Water
16 Built Environment

Reference: RM3741
Project Management & Full Design Team Services

Contact Name: Mark Dunne
Contact Email:

Lot Number Lot Name
3 Architectural Services
5 Civil & Structural Engineering Services
6 Building Services Engineering

Reference: RM1089
Traffic Management Technology 2

Contact Name: Ian Cater
Contact Email:

Lot Number Lot Name
8 Asset Data Capture and Management
12 Traffic Management Professional Services
14 Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)
15 Catalogue providing items within the scope of the above lots

Reference: RM1030
Transport Related Engineering Advice and Research (TTEAR)

Contact Name: Tony Meehan
Contact Email:

Lot Number Lot Name
2 Roads
3 Rail