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DUNS number
13 Waterside Court
St. Helens
01744 452 980

Reference: RM970
Agency Nursing and Social Care

Contact Name: CRG Healthcare
Contact Email:

Lot Number Lot Name
2a General - London
2b General - South East & East of England
2c General - South West & South Central
2d General - Northwest Yorkshire & Humber
2e General - The Midlands & Wales
2f General - Northeast Scotland & Northern Ireland
3a Mental Health - London
3b Mental Health - South East & East of England
3c Mental Health - South West & South Central
3d Mental Health - Northwest Yorkshire & Humber
3e Mental Health - The Midlands & Wales
3f Mental Health - Northeast Scotland & Northern Ireland
4a Community - London
4b Community - South East & East of England
4c Community - South West & South Central
4d Community - Northwest Yorkshire & Humber
4e Community - The Midlands & Wales
4f Community - Northeast Scotland & Northern Ireland

Reference: RM959
Allied Health Professionals Health Science and Emergency Services Temporary Staff

Contact Name:
Contact Email:

Lot Number Lot Name
3 Allied Health Professionals
4 Health Science Services

Reference: RM1570
Locum Doctors including locum GPs

Contact Name: CRG Doctors
Contact Email:

Lot Number Lot Name
2 Temporary Locum Doctors inc GPs

Reference: RM3711
Multidisciplinary Temporary Healthcare Personnel

Contact Name: Laura Hale
Contact Email:

Lot Number Lot Name
1 Multidisciplinary Temporary Healthcare Personnel