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  • Building Materials and Associated Services

    Framework number: RM3747

    RM3747 The RM3747 Buildings Materials framework agreement is an EU compliant framework agreement which provides a comprehensive range of buildings materials and associated services.  There are eight lots: Lot 1 Buildings Materials and Associated Services ‘One Stop Shop’ Lot 2 Plumbing and Heating

  • Estates Professional Services

    Framework number: RM3816

    RM3816 Property services including purchase, disposal, raising income from property and facilities management services. Available for all public sector bodies.     This agreement enables you to: Reduce property costs by identifying savings and opportunities to generate income from land and

  • Facilities Management Services

    Framework number: RM1056

    RM1056 This agreement is for the provision of Total Facilities Management (TFM) and offers a full range of hard and soft FM services through 3 lots: Lot 1: Total Facilities Management consists of a multi-supplier lot incorporating all facilities management services from maintenance and building

  • FM Assurance (Helpdesk and CAFM) Services Framework Agreement

    Framework number: RM3720

    RM3720 Facilities management suppliers, an independent help desk and a computer aided facilities management (CAFM) system.     This agreement provides a single point of contact for facilities management suppliers, an independent help desk and a computer aided facilities management (CAFM) system

  • Government Hubs Fit Out Framework

    Framework number: RM6073

    RM6073 Fit-out services for renovating and refurbishing new and existing offices for central government and wider public sector.       The framework provides either a traditional or design-and-build approach to your construction project. The delivery models are: Two-stage design and build Two-stage

  • Laundry and Linen Services

    Framework number: RM1031

    RM1031 This multi-supplier agreement provides central government and wider public sector customers with access to laundry and linen services. It covers the collection, wash, finish and return of a wide range of items, including bedding, towels, clothing, theatre wear, uniforms (including hi-vis and

  • Modular Building Systems

    Framework number: RM875

    RM875 The Modular Building Systems agreement (RM875) expired on 25 September 2015. We plan to develop a new Modular Buildings Systems procurement solution, and would like to engage with potential customers to ensure that the new offering meets your needs. If you would like to be involved in this

  • Personal Protective Equipment

    Framework number: RM3763

    RM3763 This agreement provides a comprehensive range of personal protective equipment (PPE) including clothing, accessories and equipment across 2 lots:  ‘One Stop Shop’ including: General PPE suitable for use in different environments which includes head, ear, eye, face, respiratory and hand

  • Project Management & Full Design Team Services

    Framework number: RM3741

    RM3741 It is the Crown Commercial Service's intention to take up the option of extending Framework RM3741 Project Management and Full Design Team Services until May 2020 subject to individual supplier agreement. This will be updated once it has been finalised and confirmed by all suppliers.

  • Provision of Gas Tight Suits

    Framework number: RM938

    RM938 The goods and services available under this framework include: An operational gas tight suit with a shelf-life of at least 10 years A training gas tight suit of appropriate material and construction, and providing similar characteristics to the operational suit A range of customisation