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  • Behavioural Insights

    Framework number: RM6004

    RM6004 Synopsis: Inform policy and service design through behavioural science to encourage, enable and support people to make better choices for themselves.    Full description: This is a single-lot multi-supplier agreement. The solution encompasses the end-to-end process of delivering a range of

  • Campaign Solutions

    Framework number: RM3774

    RM3774 Synopsis: Choose from 27 agencies to design, develop and execute integrated marketing campaigns.   Full description: This agreement covers all the services you need to run end-to-end marketing campaigns. It is a single lot agreement. Each of the 27 agencies is able to deliver all the tasks

  • Communication Services

    Framework number: RM3796

    RM3796 Synopsis: Work with agencies on tactical, specialised or international marketing,  communications and events activity.   Full description: Hire an agency for tactical, niche or specialised marketing communications support. You can choose  an agency on a standalone basis or to support an

  • Contact Centre Services

    Framework number: RM3815

    RM3815 Synopsis: Contact centre services covers channels that the public use to interact with government services, including telephony, email, web-based and back office.   Full description: Contact centres includes a broad range of communications channels that the public uses to answer queries

  • Media Audit Services

    Framework number: RM3727

    RM3727 Synopsis:  Validate the performance of media bought through the CCS Media Buying framework. This is a single supplier agreement awarded to Ebiquity Associates.   Full description: This framework provides an audit service for media bought through the legacy media buying framework (RM1051)

  • Media Buying

    Framework number: RM6003

    RM6003 Synopsis:  Buy media channels (for example, advertising space, partnerships, events and sponsorship) regionally, nationally and internationally across off and online channels.   Full description:  This agreement enables government and wider public sector organisations to buy media channels

  • Media Monitoring and Evaluation and Related Services

    Framework number: RM3708

    RM3708 Synopsis: Monitor and analyse media coverage to evaluate communications activity and campaigns. Includes access to self-service tools to monitor and analyse social media.   Full description: This agreement provides access to agencies offering media monitoring services so buyers can monitor,

  • Research Marketplace

    Framework number: RM6018

    RM6018 Synopsis:  Services for social, economic and market research available via a dynamic purchasing system.   Full description: Research marketplace enables you to buy social, economic or market research for projects of all sizes and value. You can select the areas of work you want to commission