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  • Public Sector Travel & Venue Solutions

    Framework number: RM6016

    RM6016 Synopsis:  Rail and air travel and accommodation booking. Includes finding venues, for example for conferences.   Full description: This agreement includes online and offline service, specialist services, and zero and low-cost booking fee models. The agreement allows you to specify rail and

  • Vehicle Hire Services

    Framework number: RM1062

    RM1062 Synopsis:  Hire vehicles, including cars, 4x4s, light commercial and heavy goods vehicles, and minibuses. Includes international hire and car-sharing solutions.   Full description:  This agreement is available to central government and the wider public sector. It allows you to hire a wide

  • Wider Public Sector Travel Management Services

    Framework number: RM1034

    RM1034 Public Sector Travel and Venue Solutions (RM6016) has been awarded and is now available, offering all public sector organisations a brand new suite of innovative travel, accommodation and venue solutions. This replaces our current framework RM1034 Wider Public Sector Travel Management