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  • Courier Services

    Framework number: RM3798

    RM3798 Synopsis: A range of courier services from simple collection and delivery to complex requirements for transporting regulated items and substances.   Full description: The framework suppliers offer courier services for parcels, packages and documents with a range of collection and delivery

  • Crown Office Supplies

    Framework number: RM3723

    RM3723 CCS is currently reviewing procurement timescales and will provide you with more detail within the next few weeks. Please be assured our priority is to ensure continuity of framework coverage for customers.      Price increase:  The prices have increased for lot 1, Banner Group Limited, as

  • Journal Subscriptions (Print & Electronic)

    Framework number: RM3797

    RM3797 Synopsis: Journal subscriptions, in print and electronic formats, for business-related, research and personal development purposes.   Full description:  The agreement provides public sector organisations with access to print and digital subscriptions to a range of titles. A wide scope of

  • Managed Print & Digital Solutions

    Framework number: RM3785

    RM3785 Synopsis:  Managed print products and services, including pre-production services, such as photo-retouching, secure printing, scanning, direct mail, storage and distribution.   Update: This framework has been extended for another 12 months until 27 December 2019.  A Prior Information Notice

  • Multifunctional Devices, Managed Print and Content Services and Records and Information Management

    Framework number: RM3781

    RM3781 Synopsis:  Multifunctional devices for printing, scanning and copying, managed print and records management services.   Full description:  This 7-lot agreement covers equipment and services for printing, scanning, copying and storage. It includes multifunctional devices (MFDs) and print

  • Office Supplies for the Wider Public Sector

    Framework number: RM3703

    RM3703 Synopsis:  Stationery, paper, small office machines, electronic office consumables, janitorial products and personal protective equipment for the wider public sector. CCS is currently reviewing procurement timescales and will provide you with more detail within the next few weeks. Please be

  • Postal Goods and Services

    Framework number: RM1063

    RM1063 Synopsis:  Postal services, such as: collection and delivery, international mail, inbound mail and hybrid mail solutions and screening, and products such as mailroom equipment.   Full description: This 7-lot agreement provides a one-stop-shop for postal services for the public sector. It

  • Specialist Courier Services

    Framework number: RM3799

    RM3799 Synopsis:  Specialised courier services for goods which are subject to strict transport regulations.   Full description:  This framework offers specialised courier services for the movement and storage of items which are subject to strict transport regulations in accordance with relevant