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  • Corporate Finance Services

    Framework number: RM3719

    RM3719 Specialist advice and execution in corporate finance, including mergers and acquisitions, debt capital markets and financial portfolios.   Advice on any complex corporate finance matters. This agreement covers everything from long term policy planning to shorter term response to external

  • Fuel Cards and Associated Services

    Framework number: RM1027

    RM1027 Customer should note that this framework has now expired. We will be keeping this webpage available to legacy customers who may have a need to reference associated RM1027 framework documentation. Please be aware that you are now able to source Fuel Cards and Associated Products and Services

  • Grants and Programmes Services Framework

    Framework number: RM949

    RM949 Synopsis Grants programmes services, including administrative support, assessing applications and distribution of money and services.   Full description This agreement offers services for setting up and running grant programmes. It includes administration, support and grant delivery; design,

  • Insurance Services II Framework Agreement

    Framework number: RM3731

    RM3731 Synopsis Through the collaborative Insurance Services II framework, developed in conjunction with YPO, NEPO and ESPO, customers can access a wide range of insurance and insurance brokerage services including, but not limited to, liability, travel and personal accident, property and

  • Merchant Acquiring Services, Equipment and Payment Gateway Services

    Framework number: RM3702

    RM3702 Synopsis Services and equipment that will enable your organisation to accept payments by debit card, credit card and other methods directly into a bank account.   Full description This agreement covers: Merchant services, which reconcile payments made from a customer's card account to

  • Payment solutions

    Framework number: RM3828

    RM3828 Synopsis Supply, maintenance and prepaid payment solutions for central government and the wider public sector.   Full description Supply and maintenance of payment solutions to buy goods and services, including travel. In addition, a prepaid solution for disbursements of funds to those who