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  • Fuel Card & Associated Services

    Framework number: RM6000

    RM6000 Synopsis: Card and associated services to purchase vehicle fuel at service stations, providing regional, nationwide and European coverage.   Full description: This agreement provides an easy method to pay for vehicle fuel using a single-purpose card. Services include a consolidated invoice

  • Public Sector Passenger Transport Solutions DPS- RM6121

    Framework number: RM6121

    RM6121 Synopsis This new agreement will be available as a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) offering you a choice of national and regional passenger transportation solutions including taxis and coaches.   Full description This DPS offers a range of transportation solutions including taxis and coaches

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  • Supplier Early Payment Solutions

    Framework number: RM6001

    RM6001 Synopsis Suppliers can choose early payment in exchange for a discount against their invoice. The payment date and discount amount can be dynamically related.   Full description Supplier early payment solutions (SEPS) enable your suppliers to choose to receive early payment for their