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  • Demand Side Response

    Framework number: RM3792

    RM3792 Synopsis Reduce electricity costs by taking part in an aggregated demand side response (DSR) scheme.   Full description In a demand side response (DSR) scheme customers are incentivised financially to lower or shift their electricity use at peak times. This helps transmission and

  • Electricity Supply and Ancillary Services

    Framework number: RM1075

    RM1075 Synopsis Electricity supply, metered half-hourly, and ancillary services.   Full description This agreement provides half-hourly metered electricity supply and ancillary services. It offers flexible short and long term procurement. Robust governance ensures the purchasing strategy is adhered

  • Electricity Supply and Ancillary Services

    Framework number: RM3791

    RM3791 Synopsis Electricity supply and additional services, such as automated meter reading (AMR), services to reduce consumption, and energy supply from renewable sources.   Full description This agreement is for electricity supply and additional services covering site works, automated meter

  • Heat Networks and Electricity Generation Assets (HELGA)

    Framework number: RM3824

    RM3824 Synopsis A range of energy demand management and generation services delivered through a flexible, easy-to-use and OJEU compliant dynamic purchasing system (DPS).   Full description Users of this agreement have access to a wide range of market-leading suppliers that provide a range of

  • National Energy Performance Contracting Framework

    Framework number: RM3768

    RM3768 Synopsis Improve the energy performance of your buildings, reduce carbon emissions and achieve annual savings on energy.   Full description RE:FIT helps public bodies retrofit energy efficiency and local energy generation measures to their buildings or their estate, reducing annual energy

  • National Fuels

    Framework number: RM3801

    RM3801 Synopsis:  Liquid and solid fuels, such as heating oil, transport fuel, coal and wood. Plus products and services associated with using fuels, such as tank maintenance.   Full description: This framework provides liquid fuels and others, such as heating oil, transport fuel, low-pressure gas

  • The supply of Natural Gas (Daily / Non Daily Metered) and Ancillary Services

    Framework number: RM1076

    RM1076 Synopsis:  Supply of natural gas with metering options and associated services. Includes risk management advice.   Full description: This agreement provides for a supply of natural gas aggregated among all public sector organisations. This is in line with the recommendations of the Pan

  • Utilities Management Software, Metering and Ancillary Services

    Framework number: RM3800

    RM3800 Synopsis:  Meters, software and services for managing utility supplies (electricity, gas, water, steam, fuels, heating and chilling) with the aim of reducing costs.   Full description: This agreement provides for hiring or purchasing utility meters, services to support meters, software to

  • Water, Wastewater and Ancillary Services

    Framework number: RM3790

    RM3790 Synopsis:  Water supply, waste water removal (sewerage) and ancillary services that reduce water consumption and make usage more efficient and supply more resilient.   Full description: This agreement is for water supply, waste water (sewerage) and ancillary services aimed at water use