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  • Electricity Supply and Ancillary Services

    Framework number: RM3791

    RM3791 Synopsis: Electricity supply and additional services, such as automated meter reading (AMR), services to reduce consumption, and energy supply from renewable sources.   Full description: This agreement is for electricity supply and additional services covering site works, automated meter

  • Electricity Supply and Ancillary Services

    Framework number: RM1075

    RM1075 Synopsis: Electricity supply, metered half-hourly, and ancillary services.   Full description: This agreement provides half-hourly metered electricity supply and ancillary services. It offers flexible short and long term procurement. Robust governance ensures the purchasing strategy is

  • Employee Services

    Framework number: RM3704

    RM3704 Synopsis: One-stop-shop for 5 core managed employee services.   Full description: Employee services including childcare vouchers, cycle to work scheme, reward and recognition vouchers, payroll giving and employee discounts. The service includes a secure online administration portal which you

  • Enterprise Application Support Services

    Framework number: RM1032

    RM1032 PLEASE NOTE:  Enterprise Application Support Services (RM1032) has now closed and will be replaced by Technology Services 2 (RM3804) framework in September 2017.  Please visit the  Technology Services 2 RM3804 web page  for the latest indicative launch date and further information. This

  • Estates Professional Services

    Framework number: RM3816

    RM3816 Synopsis: Property services including purchase, disposal, raising income from property and facilities management services. Available for all public sector bodies.   Full description: This agreement enables you to: Reduce property costs by identifying savings and opportunities to generate

  • Facilities management marketplace

    Framework number: RM3830

    RM3830 Synopsis: UK-wide facilities management (FM) services organised regionally and available to all public sector entities. Includes maintenance, cleaning, security, helpdesk etc.   Full description: This agreement gives you access to facilities management services across the UK. Suppliers'

  • Facilities Management Services

    Framework number: RM1056

    RM1056 This agreement is for the provision of Total Facilities Management (TFM) and offers a full range of hard and soft FM services through 3 lots: Lot 1: Total Facilities Management consists of a multi-supplier lot incorporating all facilities management services from maintenance and building

  • Finance & Complex Legal Services

    Framework number: RM3787

    RM3787 Synopsis: Legal advice on complex corporate finance matters for high-value, high-profile projects. For government departments, executive agencies and arm’s length bodies.   Full description: This is a single product agreement providing legal advice on corporate finance to government

  • FM Assurance (Helpdesk and CAFM) Services Framework Agreement

    Framework number: RM3720

    RM3720 Synopsis: Facilities management suppliers, an independent help desk and a computer aided facilities management (CAFM) system.   Full description: This agreement provides a single point of contact for facilities management suppliers, an independent help desk and a computer aided facilities

  • Fuel Card & Associated Services

    Framework number: RM6000

    RM6000 Synopsis: Card and associated services to purchase vehicle fuel at service stations, providing regional, nationwide and European coverage.   Full description: This agreement provides an easy method to pay for vehicle fuel using a single-purpose card. Services include a consolidated invoice