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  • Fuel Card & Associated Services

    Framework number: RM6000

    RM6000 Synopsis: Card and associated services to purchase vehicle fuel at service stations, providing regional, nationwide and European coverage.   Full description: This agreement provides an easy method to pay for vehicle fuel using a single-purpose card. Services include a consolidated invoice

  • Fuel Cards and Associated Services

    Framework number: RM1027

    RM1027 Customer should note that this framework has now expired. We will be keeping this webpage available to legacy customers who may have a need to reference associated RM1027 framework documentation. Please be aware that you are now able to source Fuel Cards and Associated Products and Services

  • G-Cloud 10

    Framework number: RM1557.10

    RM1557.10 Synopsis: For use by the UK public sector to buy cloud computing services covering hosting, software and cloud support on a commodity based, pay-as-you go service.   Full description: G Cloud 10 is a commercial agreement that allows UK public sector bodies to choose and purchase cloud

  • G-Cloud 9

    Framework number: RM1557ix

    RM1557ix Extension ending early G-Cloud 9 is closing 30 September 2018. Although G-Cloud 9 was extended to 21 May 2019, CCS decided to re-procure and G-Cloud 10 was launched 2 July 2018. To avoid confusion among buyers and suppliers, G-Cloud 9 will be closed on 30 September 2018. This allows buyers

  • General Legal Advice Services

    Framework number: RM3786

    RM3786   *Please be advised that supplier prospectuses are now available and should be used as part of the award process. Links to supplier prospectuses can be found in the excel sheet document under the document tab below. It should be noted that some prospectuses require a password to access them

  • Government Hubs Fit Out Framework

    Framework number: RM6073

    RM6073 Synopsis: Fit-out services for renovating and refurbishing new and existing offices for central government and wider public sector.   Full description: The framework provides either a traditional or design-and-build approach to your construction project. The delivery models are: Two-stage

  • Grants and Programmes Services Framework

    Framework number: RM949

    RM949 Synopsis:  Grants programmes services, including administrative support, assessing applications and distribution of money and services.   Full description:  This agreement offers services for setting up and running grant programmes. It includes administration, support and grant delivery;

  • GSi Convergence

    Framework number: RM828

    RM828 Description All existing call-off contracts will continue to be serviced, with each call-off contract expiring in accordance with its own terms. For the majority of customers this was 31 March 2017, after which point customers had no contractual cover for the delivery of these services. Ex

  • Heat Networks and Electricity Generation Assets (HELGA)

    Framework number: RM3824

    RM3824 Synopsis:  Procure a range of energy demand management and generation services through a flexible, easy-to-use and OJEU compliant dynamic purchasing system (DPS).   Full description:  Users of the HELGA agreement have access to a wide range of market-leading suppliers that provide a range of

  • HMRC 2016 Executive Search, Selection & Assessment DPS

    Framework number: PS-2016-PS Services

    PS-2016-PS Services The information and customer user guide provided here have been prepared by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) on behalf of Civil Service Resourcing for customers who are interested in using the Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS). The DPS provides government departments, executive