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  • HSCN Access Services

    Framework number: RM3825

    RM3825 Synopsis: Access to the Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) for data sharing. Includes support for transition and implementation.   Full description: This agreement provides access to the HSCN for health, social care, and related organisations. The HSCN is a data network that enables

  • ICT Services for Education

    Framework number: RM1050

    RM1050 Synopsis:  Specialist technology services, hardware and infrastructure for public sector educational organisations.   Update: The replacement framework, RM6103 Education technology, is now open for applications.  The Education Technology framework agreement takes an educational focused

  • Insurance Services II Framework Agreement

    Framework number: RM3731

    RM3731   Through the collaborative Insurance Services II framework, developed in conjunction with YPO, NEPO and ESPO, customers can access a wide range of insurance and insurance brokerage services including, but not limited to, liability, travel and personal accident, property and construction,

  • Journal Subscriptions (Print & Electronic)

    Framework number: RM3797

    RM3797 Synopsis: Journal subscriptions, in print and electronic formats, for business-related, research and personal development purposes.   Full description:  The agreement provides public sector organisations with access to print and digital subscriptions to a range of titles. A wide scope of

  • Language Services

    Framework number: RM1092

    RM1092 Synopsis:  Interpreting, translation and transcription services across 250 languages and dialects. For all public sector.   Full description:  This agreement provides all public sector organisations with access to quality interpreters, translators and transcription services (often required

  • Laundry and Linen Services

    Framework number: RM1031

    RM1031 Synopsis:  Laundry and linen services for general items, covering collection, wash, finish and return.   Full description: This agreement provides laundry and linen services, covering collection, wash, finish and return for a range of items from bedding and towels to bath mats and gloves. It

  • Local Authority Software Applications

    Framework number: RM1059

    RM1059 PLEASE NOTE:  The tender for Data and Application Solutions, the replacement for Local Authority Software Application (RM1059), is now live. Please visit the  DAS Web Page  for further information.    GDPR GDPR legislation was implemented on 25th May 2018, so CCS has updated the Local

  • Managed eMail

    Framework number: RM1085

    RM1085 The Managed eMail agreement provides access to managed email services for public sector organisations. The scope is divided into core components, common components and supplementary components. All three elements apply equally across all three lots. Every contract procured through the

  • Managed Learning Service

    Framework number: RM3822

    RM3822 Synopsis:  Managed learning available as an end-to-end service or discrete components to cover the complete learning lifecycle.   Full description: This is a single-supplier agreement for a range of learning and development services, delivered as an end-to-end managed learning service, or as

  • Managed Print & Digital Solutions

    Framework number: RM3785

    RM3785   This framework is currently live until 27th December 2018. At CCS, we aim to provide the best commercial agreements across central government and the wider public sector. To ensure that this continues, Lot 1 only of the framework has been extended for a 12-month period until 27th December