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  • Journal Subscriptions (Print & Electronic)

    Framework number: RM3797

    RM3797 Synopsis Journal subscriptions, in print and electronic formats, for business-related, research and personal development purposes.   Full description The agreement provides public sector organisations with access to print and digital subscriptions to a range of titles. A wide scope of

  • Language Services

    Framework number: RM1092

    RM1092 Synopsis Interpreting, translation and transcription services across 250 languages and dialects. For all public sector.   Full description This agreement provides all public sector organisations with access to quality interpreters, translators and transcription services (often required at

  • Laundry and Linen Services

    Framework number: RM1031

    RM1031 Synopsis:  Laundry and linen services for general items, covering collection, wash, finish and return.   Full description: This agreement provides laundry and linen services, covering collection, wash, finish and return for a range of items from bedding and towels to bath mats and gloves. It

  • Local Authority Software Applications

    Framework number: RM1059

    RM1059 Update:  The replacement for  Local Authority Software Application (RM1059),  Data and Application Solutions, is now live. Please visit the  DAS Web Page  for further information.    GDPR GDPR legislation was implemented on 25th May 2018, so CCS has updated the Local Authority Software

  • Managed eMail

    Framework number: RM1085

    RM1085 This agreement expired on 28 August 2017. This page and all attached documents remain visible purely as an archive for reference by customers and suppliers with open call off contracts.   Comprehensive set of requirements established in partnership with key stakeholders; A wide range of

  • Managed Learning Service

    Framework number: RM3822

    RM3822 Synopsis Managed learning available as an end-to-end service or discrete components to cover the complete learning lifecycle.   Full description This is a single-supplier agreement for a range of learning and development services, delivered as an end-to-end managed learning service, or as

  • Managed Print & Digital Solutions

    Framework number: RM3785

    RM3785 Update This framework has been extended for another 12 months until 27 December 2019.  A Prior Information Notice (PIN) for the Self-Serve Print Platform- RM6071- has now been published.  Please take a look at  RM3785- Customer update  for more information. Please check the procurement

  • Management Consultancy Framework

    Framework number: RM3745

    RM3745 Synopsis Advice on finance, audit, HR, health and community, education, infrastructure, ICT and digital technologies for central government and wider public sector.   Full description This framework provides management consultancy advice for central government, arms-length bodies, non

  • Management Consultancy Framework Two (MCF2)

    Framework number: RM6008

    RM6008 Synopsis Advice on business consultancy, strategic, complex and transformation issues, and procurement, supply chain and commercial matters.   Full description MCF2 complements RM3745 Management Consultancy Framework (MCF), offering a range of consultancy services. MCF2 provides a compliant,

  • Media Audit Services

    Framework number: RM3727

    RM3727 Synopsis Validate the performance of media bought through the CCS Media Buying framework. This is a single supplier agreement awarded to Ebiquity Associates.   Full description This framework provides an audit service for media bought through the legacy media buying framework (RM1051) with