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  • Public Sector Travel & Venue Solutions

    Framework number: RM6016

    RM6016 Public Sector Travel and Venue Solutions (RM6016) has been awarded and is now available, offering all public sector organisations a brand new suite of innovative travel and venue solutions. The 5 new commercial agreements include online and offline service provisions, specialist services

  • Quality Assurance and Testing for IT Systems

    Framework number: RM3810

    RM3810   GDPR legislation was implemented on 25th May 2018, so CCS has updated the Quality Assurance and Testing for IT Systems Agreement and the Call-Off Contract template to include the GDPR clauses.  This was done as a Contract Variation following engagement with all suppliers to gain their

  • Rail Legal Services

    Framework number: RM3756

    RM3756 This is a panel agreement built to service the needs of the Department for Transport’s rail division. The agreement forms part of the replacement of expired framework RM919. It is intended that this agreement will provide specific advice in relation to rail related legal services, and in

  • Research Marketplace

    Framework number: RM6018

    RM6018 The Research Marketplace is a dynamic solution enabling you to procure your social, economic and market research needs. We are using a dynamic purchasing system rather than a standard framework agreement to maximise flexibility, enabling suppliers to apply to join at any time throughout the

  • Specialist Courier Services

    Framework number: RM3799

    RM3799 The Specialist Courier Services framework (RM3799) has been developed in collaboration with YPO to give customers from all areas of the public sector access to a variety of specialised courier services. Suppliers on the Specialist Courier Services framework specialise in the movement and

  • Specialist Laundry Services (for surgical drapes, gowns and packs)

    Framework number: RM3772

    RM3772 This agreement has been developed to provide cost-effective and quality controlled specialist laundry services for re-usable CE marked barrier textiles, such as surgical drapes and gowns. It is can be used by all public sector organisations and supports the Department of Health’s objective

  • Spend Analysis and Recovery Services 2

    Framework number: RM3820

    RM3820 The Spend Analysis and Recovery Services II framework is designed to allow access to a range of suppliers to provide retrospective ‘audit’ and analysis of core spend and supplier transactions (invoices and payments), to identify and recover any supplier overpayments, overcharges or missed

  • Supplier Early Payment Solutions

    Framework number: RM6001

    RM6001 Supplier Early Payment Solutions is designed to empower a customer’s suppliers to choose whether or not to receive early payment for invoices in exchange for a discount or charge. Further, with dynamic discounting the supplier can choose how much they pay for the credit by deciding how early

  • Supply and Fit Tyres

    Framework number: RM3767

    RM3767 This framework agreement is for the supply and fit of tyres and associated services. It is divided into two lots: Lot 1 is for the police and emergency services. It covers fitting at the supplier premises, customer premises, a mobile fitting service and an emergency breakdown service. A

  • Supply, Delivery and Installation of Furniture and Associated Services

    Framework number: RM3812

    RM3812 The Supply, Delivery and Installation of Furniture and Associated Services (RM3812) framework agreement replaces the previous RM1501 agreement. RM3812 provides you with a ‘one stop shop’ solution for purchasing new office, residential and storage furniture, whilst promoting the greater reuse