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  • PSN Services

    Framework number: RM1498

    RM1498 This agreement expired on 26 June 2016. This page and all attached documents remain visible purely as an archive for reference by customers and suppliers with open call off contracts. The successor agreement,  Network Services (RM1045), went live on 27 July 2015. The PSN Services framework

  • Public Sector Resourcing

    Framework number: RM3749

    RM3749 Synopsis Source contractors and temporary workers for all public sector organisations. Service provided through Alexander Mann Solutions.   Full description Public Sector Resourcing (PSR) is a single lot framework through which public sector authorities can source all contingent workers,

  • Public Sector Travel & Venue Solutions

    Framework number: RM6016

    RM6016 Synopsis Rail and air travel and accommodation booking. Includes finding venues, for example for conferences.   Full description This agreement includes online and offline service, specialist services, and zero and low-cost booking fee models. The agreement allows you to specify rail and air

  • Quality Assurance and Testing for IT Systems

    Framework number: RM3810

    RM3810 Update This framework has been extended for another 12 months until 24/03/2020.   Synopsis Independent quality assurance testing (QAT), including testing environments, specialists, automation and services, such as consultancy.   Full description This agreement enables public sector

  • Rail Legal Services

    Framework number: RM3756

    RM3756 Synopsis Rail-specific legal advice only for Department for Transport, covering rail franchising. Not for use by the wider public sector. Replaces part of RM919.   Full description This agreement is designed for the Department for Transport’s rail division to provide specific legal advice

  • Research Marketplace

    Framework number: RM6018

    RM6018 Synopsis A range of services for social, economic and market research available via a dynamic purchasing system.   Full description This framework enables you to buy social, economic or market research for projects of all sizes and value. You can select the areas of work you want to

  • Specialist Courier Services

    Framework number: RM3799

    RM3799 Synopsis:  Specialised courier services for goods which are subject to strict transport regulations.   Full description:  This framework offers specialised courier services for the movement and storage of items which are subject to strict transport regulations in accordance with relevant

  • Specialist Laundry Services (for surgical drapes, gowns and packs)

    Framework number: RM3772

    RM3772 Synopsis Laundry services for reusable textiles in health and social care, such as surgical drapes, gowns and packs. Includes washing, finishing, collection and return.   Full description This agreement provides quality-controlled specialist laundry services for reusable CE-marked barrier

  • Spend Analysis and Recovery Services 2

    Framework number: RM3820

    RM3820 Synopsis Identify and recover overpayments from suppliers.   Full description Under this agreement the suppliers provide retrospective audit and analysis of your core spend and transactions (invoices and payments). From this analysis they identify and recover any overpayments, overcharges or

  • Standby and portable generators

    Framework number: RM6063

    RM6063 Synopsis Central government and wider public sector departments can procure and rent an extensive range of standby and portable generator services through a comprehensive number of suppliers   Full description  The intended duration period of this agreement is initially 4 years (48 months),