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  • Specialist Laundry Services (for surgical drapes, gowns and packs)

    Framework number: RM3772

    RM3772 Synopsis:  Laundry services for reusable textiles in health and social care, such as surgical drapes, gowns and packs. Includes washing, finishing, collection and return.   Full description: This agreement provides quality-controlled specialist laundry services for reusable CE-marked barrier

  • Spend Analysis and Recovery Services 2

    Framework number: RM3820

    RM3820 Synopsis:  Identify and recover overpayments from suppliers.   Full description:  Under this agreement the suppliers provide retrospective audit and analysis of your core spend and transactions (invoices and payments). From this analysis they identify and recover any overpayments,

  • Standby and portable generators

    Framework number: RM6063

    RM6063 Central government and wider public sector departments can procure and rent an extensive range of Standby and Portable Generator services through a comprehensive number of suppliers The intended duration period of this DPS Agreement is for 4 years (48 months), with an option to extend the

  • Supplier Early Payment Solutions

    Framework number: RM6001

    RM6001 Synopsis:  Suppliers can choose early payment in exchange for a discount against their invoice. The payment date and discount amount can be dynamically related.   Full description: Supplier early payment solutions (SEPS) enable your suppliers to choose to receive early payment for their

  • Supply and Fit Tyres

    Framework number: RM3767

    RM3767 Synopsis:  Services to supply and fit vehicle tyres for the emergency services and all government and public sector organisations.   Full description: This agreement is for the supply and fit of tyres and associated services. It is divided into two lots. Lot 1 is for the police and emergency

  • Supply Teachers and Temporary Staff in Educational Establishments

    Framework number: RM3826

    RM3826 Synopsis: Recruit temporary and fixed-term teachers and non-teaching staff for UK schools, colleges and education establishments. Not available to independent (for-profit) schools.   Full description: The supply teachers and temporary staff deal can be used to recruit all temporary and fixed

  • Supply, Delivery and Installation of Furniture and Associated Services

    Framework number: RM3812

    RM3812 Synopsis:  New office, residential and storage furniture, and a repair and renovation service to encourage reuse of existing furniture.   Full description:  This agreement provides a one-stop-shop for new office, residential and storage furniture. It provides a repair and renovation service

  • Technology Products 2

    Framework number: RM3733

    RM3733 Synopsis: Technology Products 2 (TP2) offers public sector customers a flexible and compliant way to source all their technology product needs (Hardware and Software).   This framework is due to expire in October 2019. RM6068 – Technology products 3 replaces this.   Full description:

  • Technology Services

    Framework number: RM1058

    RM1058 PLEASE NOTE:  Technology Services (RM1058) has now closed and will be replaced by Technology Services 2 (RM3804) framework in August 2017.  Please visit the  Technology Services 2 RM3804 web page  for the latest indicative launch date and further information.  The agreement was divided into

  • Technology Services 2

    Framework number: RM3804

    RM3804 Synopsis:  ICT services from strategy and service design through transition to operational deployment. Includes large project services and up to top secret classification.   Full description: This agreement provides technology services from strategy and service design through transition to