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  • Traffic Management Technology 2

    Framework number: RM1089

    RM1089 Synopsis This framework agreement gives you access to an extensive range of transport technology products and services, including smart traffic management and traffic data.   Full description The agreement is fully mandated for use across central government and is also available to all wider

  • Utilities Management Software, Metering and Ancillary Services

    Framework number: RM3800

    RM3800 Synopsis:  Meters, software and services for managing utility supplies (electricity, gas, water, steam, fuels, heating and chilling) with the aim of reducing costs.   Full description: This agreement provides for hiring or purchasing utility meters, services to support meters, software to

  • Vehicle Conversion DPS

    Framework number: RM3814

    RM3814 Synopsis A range of services to convert vehicles to suit different purposes.   Full description Public sector fleet teams frequently need to convert vehicles for different operational purposes. Although some level of vehicle modification is supported by vehicle manufacturers, there are many

  • Vehicle Hire Services

    Framework number: RM1062

    RM1062 Synopsis:  Hire vehicles, including cars, 4x4s, light commercial and heavy goods vehicles, and minibuses. Includes international hire and car-sharing solutions.   Full description:  This agreement is available to central government and the wider public sector. It allows you to hire a wide

  • Vehicle Lease and Fleet Management

    Framework number: RM3710

    RM3710 Synopsis:  Lease and manage vehicle fleets. Includes associated services.   Full description:  This 3-lot agreement enables any public sector organisation to lease and manage fleets of vehicles. It includes associated services, such as service, maintenance and repair, sale and lease back,

  • Vehicle Purchase

    Framework number: RM6060

    RM6060 Synopsis: Provides access to a full range of motor vehicles to central government and wider public sector including cars, light commercial vehicles, motorbikes, heavy goods vehicles, buses and coaches.   Full description: The framework allows access to a full range of new motor vehicles

  • Vehicle Purchase

    Framework number: RM1070

    RM1070 Update This agreement has expired. Please take a look at the new agreement, RM6060 Vehicle purchase.   Synopsis Purchase vehicles directly from manufacturers, including emergency vehicles and vehicles for overseas use. Includes after-sales services.   Full description With the exception of

  • Vehicle Telematics

    Framework number: RM3754

    RM3754 Synopsis Telematics products and services to help fleet managers improve the safety and efficiency of fleet operations.   Full description This agreement helps you manage vehicle fleets more effectively by improving safety and efficiency through telematics. Telematics enable you to monitor

  • Water, Wastewater and Ancillary Services

    Framework number: RM3790

    RM3790 Synopsis:  Water supply, waste water removal (sewerage) and ancillary services that reduce water consumption and make usage more efficient and supply more resilient.   Full description: This agreement is for water supply, waste water (sewerage) and ancillary services aimed at water use

  • Wider Public Sector Travel Management Services

    Framework number: RM1034

    RM1034 Public Sector Travel and Venue Solutions (RM6016) has been awarded and is now available, offering all public sector organisations a brand new suite of innovative travel, accommodation and venue solutions. This replaces our current framework RM1034 Wider Public Sector Travel Management