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Digital Future Strategy

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Our strategy

The CCS Digital Future team (formally Cloud and Digital), provide a service for customers who have purchasing needs for cloud, digital and hosting services.

Our aim is for a vibrant and dynamic eMarketplace.

A place for buyers and sellers to trade commodity and consumption based services which enable:

...encouraging £1 in every £3 is spent with small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

Our Digital Future Category Strategy gives more detail.




We need you

We need your feedback to be able to deliver our strategy.

Which means understanding:

  • How can we improve the end to end buying process?
  • How can we categorise the services you are buying/selling better?
  • If the platform you use to buy/sell meets your needs?
  • How we can create clear and concise terms and conditions - modular contracts, that fit a 'digital age'?

You can get involved by a series of surveys and workshop events.



Who can get involved?

Anyone. You don't have to be a buyer or a supplier who is currently working with CCS. 

In fact, we are keen to work with new organisations and suppliers to pull on their experiences in these areas.



How do I get involved?


Suppliers can complete this survey

Buyers can complete this survey


Workshop events

We run consultation workshops as we want to receive your feedback. 

This is a fantastic opportunity to influence and shape the future of public sector procurement. 


Your experience and knowledge in these areas is vital to us.

These events are designed to be small, interactive and ideally aimed commercial or program leads.

It will also be an opportunity to engage and network with key government stakeholders from CCS, the Government Digital Service, Home Office, the National Cyber Security Centre and more. 

You can register your interest in attending these events by signing up to event comms and notifications here






Info and link

10/01/201814:00 - 15:00

Digital Future - Cloud Software application categorisation

Help CCS categorise cloud software applications as a service (SaaS). 

Why should I join this call?

Maybe you find it difficult to find what you need on the Digital Marketplace, or want to know what other buyers are buying?
Maybe you want the services you sell to be clearer, or more inline with how you sell them externally?
Maybe you provide SaaS, but not to government and have been waiting for G-Cloud 10. 

The webinar will:

- bring you up to date on CCS's plans to change from framework led procurements, to a service led model
- inform you on how the agreements are changing
- how you can help define how we go business as government


It is with regret, that we are postponing Wednesdays webinar. 
We will reschedule this for approximately two weeks time (details to be confirmed). 

We have been overwhelmed with the feedback we have received for G10. As a result we will share our revised current thinking around how we can bring forward the OJEU for G10, as part of the SaaS discovery webinar.



What we are learning from listening to you?

Key themes are starting to appear from our recent workshops and can be viewed on our Trello board.

This page (and the Trello) will grow and evolve, as we do. 

We will always work out loud and want continuous feedback.

Each slide deck below includes the feedback from that session. 





Slides and outputs

21 June10:00 - 12:00Supplier workshop (DOS Lots 1 & 2)London - TechUKView slides
21 June15:00 - 17:00Supplier workshop (Cyber)London - TechUKView slides

2 August

12:30 - 17:00

Buyer workshop (DOS Lot 1 & 2)

London - TechUK

View slides

9 August10:00 - 12:30Buyer workshop (Cyber)London - TechUKView slides
23 August14:00 - 16:30Supplier workshop (DOS Lot 3 & 4)London - TechUKView slides
30 November10am-  12:30Meet the CCS Tech Directors briefingLondon - TechUKView slides


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