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Marketing Communications and Research

Marketing Communications and Research category overview

Our frameworks cover the whole marketing and communications journey, from researcch, insight and planning through developing and delivering campaigns, to events, media buying, auditing, monitoring and evaluation.

Tap into the very best expertise and talent in the industry. You can access a wide range of agencies with different specialisms to help you deliver great public service campaigns on a regional, national, international and specialist basis.

Research Marketplace DPS (RM6018)

A multi supplier Dynamic Purchasing System for social, economic and market research services. Flexible approach, suppliers can apply to join at anytime during agreement term.

Customers use dynamic filtering tool to find suitable providers, high level filters include:

  • Subject area
  • Research method
  • Specific participant group
  • Research location 

Behavioural Insights (RM6004)

Use this agreement to inform policy and service design through behavioural science to encourage, enable and support people to make better choices for themselves.

This is a single lot agreement with six suppliers, encompassing the full end to end process of delivering a range of applied behavioural insights services. 

Campaign Solutions (RM3774)

Campaign Solutions is an innovative marketing and communications framework covering the services you will need for end-to-end campaigns. It is a single lot agreement that covers six specialisms:

  • Strategy development
  • Creative for campaigns
  • Digital marketing and social media
  • Public relations
  • Direct marketing
  • Partnership marketing

More information on the agreement is available here.

Communication Services (RM3796)

Communication Services offers an extensive range of  quality services to drive innovation and deliver savings for a variety of marketing and communications services. You can use the agreement on a standalone basis for specific requirements or with agencies working  in partnership with other agencies and specialists to support fully integrated campaigns.

The scope is split into 11 lots:

  • Lot 1 — Specialist Consultancy Services
  • Lot 2 — Events
  • Lot 3 — Channel Strategy and Planning
  • Lot 4 — Public Relations (Specialist and Regional)
  • Lot 5 — Proposition Development
  • Lot 6 — Creative Development and Delivery
  • Lot 7 — Digital Marketing and Social Media
  • Lot 8 — Data Strategy and Management
  • Lot 9 — Production
  • Lot 10 — Editorial
  • Lot 11 — International

More information on the agreement is available here.

Media Buying (RM6003)

The Media Buying agreement covers implementational media planning and buying. It is a single supplier agreement which aggregates all media buying across government and some wider public sector organisations to leverage best value deals for media space regionally, nationally and internationally. The agreement covers all online and offline channels.  More information on this agreement is available here.

Media Audit Services (RM3727)

The Media Audit Services framework is a single agency agreement used to validate the performance and savings achieved through the Media Buying framework. Due to the complexity of the media market, an external media auditor is required to validate media savings and compare framework prices to the market average price for the same audience, channel, daypart etc. More information on this agreement is available here.

Media Monitoring and Evaluation and Related Services (RM3708)

The Media Monitoring agreement includes two lots:

  • Lot 1: Media Monitoring and Evaluation and Related Services
  • Lot 2: Social Media Monitoring and Analysis Tool

More information can be found here.