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The Energy category regulates the purchase and management of electricity, gas and liquid fuels. Additional services such as carbon offsetting are also available.

Our strategy focuses on:

  • Centralising spend into single supply contracts, where possible, to aggregate demand and optimise energy prices.
  • Effective risk management, in line with a tailored purchasing strategy, by market experts.
  • Innovative agreements to reduce costs in comparison to market prices.
  • Additional services and solutions to enable customers to monitor, control and manage demand to improve sustainability and savings.
  • Origination schemes to harness unused energy produced across the government estate and interact with the market to generate further savings.
  • Our long term goal is to access energy generators and producers (rather than wholesale suppliers) to further reduce price risk.


  • This award winning category is the largest buyer of gas and electricity in the UK with skilled, in-house market analysts, risk management specialists and robust independent governance.
  • We offer a transparent, not for profit service with dedicated internal energy customer teams and supplier managers.
  • Savings are calculated using an average of market pricing opportunity against actual price achieved during the buying window.
  • Savings of up to 49% have been achieved in our regular carbon offsetting eAuctions.
  • A customer web interface to assist with the site administration process, along with access to online site and consumption data is currently being developed to improve customer service.

Introduction to Energy Trading

Find out what we do on a day to day basis and watch our traders in action in this short video

A longer and more detailed version of the video can also be viewed on our YouTube channel

If you are interested in joining one of our energy agreements or would like to know more please email customer.acquisition[at][dot]uk or call our helpdesk on 0345 410 2222.