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Facilities Management & Property

The Facilities Management & Property category covers a wide range of products and services ranging from facilities management (FM) and estates professional services, through to furniture, laundry and commercial catering equipment & refrigeration.

Our strategy focuses on:

  • Reviewing and refreshing our range of frameworks to reflect emerging government strategy and to support central government, health, local government and wider public sector organisations’ requirements.
  • Rationalising the products available through core list offerings to drive improved direct award pricing and ease of access to deliver cash releasing and efficiency savings.
  • Rationalisation of the number of property/FM frameworks available; merging requirements where appropriate. 
  • Ordering from catalogues via Government eMarketplace, where possible, to provide a quick and easy route for simple, direct award purchases.
  • Use of eAuctions and further competitions where additional savings and efficiencies can be delivered.
  • Delivery of a demand management strategy for furniture through reuse and reconfiguration.


  • Flexible framework solutions to support a variety of customer requirements.
  • Easy access via direct award, eAuctions or further competition. 
  • Reduced core product lists to support standardisation of products and provide a single reduced price per product.
  • More effective use of existing assets through reuse and reconfiguration to reduce waste and improve sustainability.
  • Where services are governed by legislation and regulatory standards, all suppliers have demonstrated compliance giving you confidence and assurance.
  • Delivery of cash releasing savings of up to 10%.