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The Fleet category covers the purchase and lease of a wide range of vehicles from passenger vehicles and motorcycles through car derived vans and light commercial vehicles, up to heavy and specialist commercial vehicles 7.5 tonnes and above.

Additional services include vehicle conversions, fleet management and maintenance services and the supply and fit of tyres. 

Download our brochure outlining the full range of fleet agreements we offer and the procurement options available

Our strategy focuses on:

  • Aggregating vehicle requirements based on standardised specifications and running regular eAuctions.  We are currently preparing our schedule of eAuction events for 2019, if you're interested in taking part or would like further information please contact Fleet[at][dot]uk
  • An online quote portal for cars, 4x4s and light commercial vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes available under the both the vehicle purchase and lease frameworks. The portal provides a full breakdown of costs and allows you to compare options by evaluating whole life costs.
  • Third parties such as leasing and fleet management companies must use the fleet framework terms to ensure the most favourable price whether you are purchasing or leasing vehicles.
  • Vehicle specifications have been standardised incorporating Government Buying Standards and relevant environmental legislation and standards.


  • Typical eAuction savings are in the region of 8-10% saving against already competitive vehicle purchase framework prices (this is the equivalent of 30-45% less than manufacturers RRP). Read the case study for the most recent vehicle eAuction.
  • Improved whole life cost of vehicles through leveraging consolidated volumes.
  • By standardising specifications the unnecessary costs associated with variation and choice are removed.
  • Demand is managed by a central team to help drive further savings and ensure Government fleet usage is maximised.
  • More accessible management information to help manage driver behaviour and ensure compliance with policy.