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Professional Services

The Professional Services category covers management consultancy, temporary staff (including temporary clinical staff designed to meet the needs of organisations with specific health requirements), learning & development, legal services and face to face interpretation services.

Our strategy focuses on:

  • Controlling spend through strong governance and mandatory approval processes within Government.
  • Centralising management consultancy spend through a single framework accessible to all organisations.
  • Opening the consultancy market up to SMEs by openly competing work below £100,000.
  • Rationalising the number of recruitment frameworks available.
  • Working with Civil Service Learning to provide flexible access to a range of eLearning and classroom training solutions to improve the overall quality of training.
  • A dedicated team focused on the specific needs of the NHS.


  • £1.1bn has already been saved by cutting Government spend on consulting and temporary agency staff.
  • Improved management information is helping manage demand and compliance.
  • Where services are governed by legislation and regulations all suppliers have demonstrated their compliance with the relevant requirements, including equal opportunities and health & safety.
  • We work closely with the supplier community and trade associations enabling us to provide you with advice and support across a range of industry issues.
  • The cost of classroom courses has been cut by up to 70% and the cost of eLearning has dropped from an industry average of 38p per hour to just 11p per hour.