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The Technology category provides access to technology commodities and supporting services in: 

  • Tech Products and Services
  • Software licensing
  • Networks
  • Telecoms expense management 
  • Digital future - such as cloud, digital and hosting services

Our strategy focuses on:

  • Leading the commercial implementation of the Digital by Default strategy and associated commercial actions.
  • Aggregating spend where possible and purchasing once as the ‘Crown’ – one price for government.
  • Increasing efficiencies through the use of online catalogues.
  • Developing Software Asset Management expertise to facilitate the transfer and reuse of assets.
  • Improving interoperability between solutions through the use of open standards.
  • Embedding full transparency in all new Technology contracts to enable effective management of the supply chain, pricing and unit costs.
  • Significant public sector discounts and special agreements with industry leading suppliers for software and telecoms services.

A guide to the various procurement routes available can be found here