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The travel category provides you with services for the booking of UK and international business travel including but not limited to air, rail, accommodation and meetings & events venue find, via online booking tools, travel management companies and venue finding agencies. We also have solutions for vehicle hire, including passenger vehicles, off road 4x4s, minibuses, heavy goods vehicles, car share and international vehicle hire.

Whatever your travel requirements you should look to book the lowest cost and safest travel arrangements, in accordance with your organisation’s travel policy and health & safety guidelines.

Our solutions support the government’s agenda on small businesses and carbon emissions, including the government’s greening commitment. They will also help you to reduce the overall cost of your business travel, helping you make savings for the taxpayer.

Our current solutions include:

  • Public Sector Travel and Venue Solutions (RM6016) - a brand new suite of innovative travel and venue solutions. The 5 new commercial agreements include online and offline service provisions, specialist services from specialist providers, plus zero and low cost booking fee models, providing customers with a range of options that offer value for money. The introduction of new online solutions for rail travel, accommodation and air travel will provide customers and travellers with a seamless, user-friendly booking experience, similar to when booking personal travel for leisure. Customers who require travel management services have the option to enable with 1 of 3 global providers who can support UK and International travel requirements (online & offline) and a provider for venue find and supporting services.
  • A Vehicle Hire Services agreement for all government and public sector customers providing access to a wide range of vehicle types / services.
  • Directly owned accommodation rate and air programmes (Public Sector Negotiated Programmes for Accommodation and Air) to maximise leverage for the new suite of travel and venue solutions.
  • Access to government estate for meetings & events. A sole supplier for Meetings and Events supports the use of free space before consideration is given to paid government space and external commercial venues.


Now awarded - Public Sector Travel and Venue Solutions RM6016

The new Public Sector Travel & Venue Solutions suite of Commercial Agreements is now available for customers to access.  It will deliver commercial benefits to our Customers by:

  • Accessing online and offline solutions through new Digital Travel Solutions (DigiTS) technology
  • Delivering online Solutions for all Customers booking travel, increasing online adoption, reducing booking fees and/or adopting more cost-efficient routes to booking travel
  • Maximizing the use and scope of technology where available in the market place, for example, using barcode ticket technology to reduce rail printing costs
  • Low cost online booking fees and zero online booking fees (applicable across specific solutions)
  • On-going pro-active Supplier and market engagement to ensure emerging trends and technologies are incorporated into the Commercial Agreements as quickly as possible
  • Removing layers of cost, shortening the supply chain and transparent sharing of Commissions between Customer and Suppliers
  • Providing access to industry special offers, promotional rates and fares
  • Encompassing data security requirements written by a subject matter expert from the National Cyber Security Centre
  • Price Match Process

More information on this new Commercial Agreement is available to view here.