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Fuel Cards and Associated Services

Contract ID: RM1027

Start Date: 13/05/2014

End Date: 13/05/2018


Customer should note that this framework has now expired. We will be keeping this webpage available to legacy customers who may have a need to reference associated RM1027 framework documentation.

Please be aware that you are now able to source Fuel Cards and Associated Products and Services from framework reference RM6000. Details of this framework can be found here.


This agreement offers a multi supplier solution for the provision of a range of fuel cards and associated services providing regional, nationwide and European coverage.

It supports fleet managers in managing and controlling costs, providing an easy method of payment for fuel and detailed management information for efficient fleet management. The improved efficiency of managing vehicle fleets actively supports the Government's austerity and green agendas.

The agreement is also open to customers that do not necessarily have a large fleet of vehicles but would like to introduce fuel cards as an efficient way to pay for motor vehicle fuel used on official business.     

We can support you by providing:

  • advice and guidance on using the  agreement
  • contract management
  • specific support to start and/or expand your existing fuel card programme
  • management and support for further competitions


  • reduced fees and charges - this has helped save over £1.3 million for UK police forces and £900,000 for the UK ambulance service
  • savings on fuel through use of Pump Price or Platts/equivalent based option
  • no minimum fleet size required
  • fuel cards can be allocated to vehicles and/or drivers
  • suppliers will undertake map analysis for discounted sites
  • improved processes as employees won’t need to make expense claims for fuel
  • supports fleet managers in managing and controlling costs
  • simple method of payment for vehicle fuel, purchased at retail outlets throughout the UK and Europe via a fuel card for purchase of fuel at forecourts or by bunkering at designated bunker sites.
  • detailed management information supplied by card providers assists you in managing your fleet more efficiently and effectively.
  • value for money with deals secured with a range of suppliers, providing choice and flexibility. Further information on the full range of services offered by each supplier is detailed in the suite of documents available for download in the documents tab.
  • request our desktop assessment pack to help you obtain indicative pricing from each supplier by emailing
  • further savings may be made by running a further competition

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The agreement can be accessed by either:

  1. Direct award following an internal assessment of bid offers (should be carried out by using the desk top assessment pack) or:
  2. Conducting a further competition (should be carried out using the further competition pack).

The full pack for both direct award or further competition can be obtained by emailing info[at][dot]uk  or alternatively, within the documents tab you will find the document without commercially sensitive information.

All customers should enter into a new call-off contract with their chosen supplier.

You will be responsible for managing your call-off contract and will have your own account management arrangements with your chosen supplier.

Most of the content in the call-off contract is pre-completed material detailing the standardised service and charging model. The call-off contract consists of the following elements:

  • The order form;
  • Call-off contract terms and conditions;
  • Call-off contract schedules.

The order form captures essential details relating to the specific contract, providing a summary as well as being the document for putting the contract in place:

The parties enter into the call-off contract by signing the order form.

The terms and conditions are mainly standard government provisions that will be applicable to all call-off contracts.

A call-off can run for up to two years beyond the expiry date of the agreement. This means early adopters have the ability to call-off for up to six years.

The service may carry charges at point of delivery depending on the service provider chosen (see the appendices iii & iv charges and additional charges summaries) and a rebate may be paid back at a frequency to be agreed between you and the supplier within the agreed rates. The level of rebate will depend on method and frequency of payment. Rebate is normally reviewed on an annual basis.

Direct call off

Within the Further Competition pack there is a contracting guidance flowchart (decision tree) to help guide you towards the most suitable supplier to meet your needs.

Where your requirements can be closely met by a particular supplier there is no need to conduct a further competition.

You should enter into a call-off directly with your chosen supplier.

Further competition

Where you need further detail from suppliers not available within the pack or you wish to further compete the commercial structure of this agreement run a further competition.

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Agreed savings on the Fuel Card agreement are rebate, however, there are other areas where customers can look to make savings based on their current profile.

Examples include but not limited to:

  • Payment terms
  • Review of dormant cards
  • Preferred forecourt
  • Reduce number of transactions (i.e. refuel less often)

You can see further examples by following the decision tree.

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As the contracting authority, in accordance with the Public Contracts Regulations 2006 (as amended), we have put in place a pan-government collaborative agreement for use by UK public sector bodies identified at VI.3 (and any future successors to these organisations), which include central government departments and their arm's length bodies and agencies, non departmental public bodies, NHS bodies and local authorities.

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Lot details

Lot Number Lot Name Lot Category Number of Suppliers Contract Expiry
1 Fuel Card eCommerce 6 - click here to view suppliers 13/05/2018

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